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Popular things you don't like?


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Apathy. Boxer shorts. Corruption (public officials). Dentists (doing check-ups unbridled malevolent intent). Everwood. Infra-red traffic speed-checking equipment. Queue-hoppers. Smoking (cigarettes/cigars). Tobacco.

Seriously though, I reckon Mzansi (RSA) could do with more caring and sharing folk doing less jeering and spearing of one another - violence is apparently the favoured/popular modern day response as soon as you don't get your way?! Boo!

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I agree with many of your responses.

In particular I don't like Big Brother, I don't understand how people can be watching the channel 24 hours there ... is boring!

Like all these books that are "bestsellers", like Twilight for instance, I think people exaggerate. It isn't as good as it's painted ... but "to taste the colors"

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I HATE text speak. It irritates me more than actual words can say.

I also never found The Office (Uk or US) funny. Or Friends. I hate big Brother with a passion, and I've never seen High School Musical (nor do I want to).

I also cannot stand things like American Idol/Pop Idol. I think it is just encouraging a whole generation to not *try* to make something of themselves either educationally or socially as they believe that fame and fortune will just *drop* into their laps with little to no effort, and I find the premise of giving people hope in such a thing then broadcasting them on TV to ridicule them (and the harsh comments that go along with it) as deeply sad and I cannot understand how anyone could derive enjoyment from that.

Well, somebody who finally agrees with me about American Idol. The rejection these people have to endure must be devastating. Not everyone is tough enough to swallow their pride. Maybe the people who enjoy the show never stuck their

neck out in their whole life to do something that might "ridicule" them or perhaps might have made them famous.....even for 15 minutes.

I always said, Leap and take the chance. I did and don't regret it.

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I hate most things people like.

Number one on my list of things I hate that are obviously popular: billboard charts. HATE them. Most of the songs suck...

Also, I didn't like Avatar as much as everyone else. It was nice to look at, liked the way they made Pandora look, BUT the storyline is so incredibly old. Can't see why it's made so much money.

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I don`t like:

- Twilight ( I don`t know what other people find so great on this and sparkling vampires are so lame)
- Sex and The City (I`m a woman but I don`t like that show, they only talk about shopping, Sex and guys...thats so boring. Instead of I like shopping.)
- Greys Anatomy, Private Practise, Emergency Room (I never liked medizine shows ´cause they´re so strange sometimes I don`t know...and Im not interested in them.)
- High School Musical (I like musicals but not this one.)
- Titanic (First I thought that movie was sad and now I think its boring and that Song from Celine Dion is so annoying.)
- all Reality Shows (They just suck and noone needs that rubbish.)

- the movie Dirty Dancing ( I just don`t like these songs there and the whole story is so boring and lame)

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I really do not like much of contemporary music at all. I'm a 60s and 70s music lover mostly.

I don't care for Seinfeld, the office or most Medical or Crime dramas and the majority of reality shows with the exception of American Idol and the History Channel's show Pawn Stars.

I don't like South Park either.

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Just joined today. (Yay me!)

Popular things I can't stand...

Celebrity culture

Soft drinks

Rap or Country music

Any and all 'reality' shows from all countries

Mall shopping

Fast food

Violence as entertainment


Kids (Having them, talking about them, how our popular culture is so extremely pro-natal and family oriented)

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Shameless (UK show)

In-Betweeners (UK Show)

Big Brother

Family Guy

The Cleveland Show

Reality TV

Stella Artois

Celeb News

Friends (It's getting a bit tedious now)

Probably a Thousand others but thats all I can think of right now.

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Are there things that everybody seems to like that you just don't understand at all?


I have this with things like Harry Potter, High School Musical, the reality like shows like Big Brother. I just don't like them, but most people really seem to.

Same here dear..... I also just hate those movies and TV serial.....

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Many pop culture things I just can't stand. Besides alcohol and drug abuse, and other sick, immoral, idiotic things, I'm sick of Glee. And shows like Survivor, or Bachelor, America's Next [or is it Top?] Model, Keeping up with the Kardashians [i don't care how you should spell that name], Bachelorette [same thing?!], etc. Oh and South Park. Aaaaand the Simpsons, Family Guy. Okay I can't list anymore or my head will hurt.

Books: Harry Potter, Twilight. BLECH to both. Oh, and anything else that ISN'T a *GOOD* sci-fi book [for example: Fahrenheit 451 is NOT a good sci-fi book at all. not a sci-fi book at all AT ALL. I need to repeat that.] or a biography of anyone I'm NOT interested in.

Movies: Harry Potter, Twilight, [hmm] and possibly some other things that are cliche and popular amongst the normal-people society.

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