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Popular things you don't like?


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I hate a lot of the things other people mentioned here, but out of the things some of you hate, I like South Park, Family Guy and Futurama...

One thing that no-one mentioned and I hate with a passion though...

Religions and organized religious belief...

They make me ashamed of being a human being...

One thing I would have liked seeing though (on The Big Bang Theory) would be the late great George Carlin, playing the right wing conservative, evangelical creationist George Cooper!

That would be perfection incarnate as Sheldon's dad...

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I can't understand drinking at all....I used to drink a little alcohol with my parents when I was younger and it was new and a bit naughty but since i was 16 I've just been a little confused by the whole culture that surrounds it. Why is it cool to be drunk? Why do some people wish to have a lack of memory and a sore head the morning after?

Also, clubbing and clubs in general. It seems to me that they are a place where all usual social conventions and natural law go out the window. The last time i was in one i was groped by numerous strangers who where subsequently surprised when i reacted badly!

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I have to say that I also don't like 90 % of the things other people mentioned here, like Grey's Anatomy, Sex and the City, Twilight, Gossip Girls, etc., all those debasing reality shows (Big Brothers, Idols, Talents, Models, etc.), clubbing (I don't even like the word) and drinking yourself senseless, superficiality and a hunger for material things, that irritating xoxo abbreviation, cigarettes (I have a feeling like everybody's smoking nowadays), and I could go on, but I don't want to be completely negative :)

And who is Justin Bieber?

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big brother

Wine (even smells horrible)

Champagne(tastes like pi**)

Chevy Chase movies

USA's foreign policy:icon_eek:


Disney movies (pick any and I hate it for you)

Pixar movies (sickly sweet)


Suntan on ladies (I like them pale)




men dressing up as ladies and thinkin they are soooo funny...

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I hate South Park, I'm not into it I don't know why..

The Office is like a documental type of show which I hate.

I too hate south park and office! just forgot to put them on my list up there. What do yo think of Simpsons?

-cuz I loath simpsons!:icon_frown:

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Twilight - Sorry but Vampires can't go outside during the day period! If the sun falls on them they die, they certainly do not go all sparkly. I prefere my vampires old school Ann Rice, Brian Lumley etc

Facebook - sorry don't get it, probably never will

Twitter - see facebook

All Reality Shows - Actually it's not really reality because reality is fairly mundane and boring.

Justin Bieber - I guess I am not prepubescent teenage girl so to me he serves no pupose at all.

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-I mean a man voluntarily dooms himself into a life of misery,constant nagging, and household slavery by binding himself into a woman, in public, with a flock of morons cheering him on.

makes me sick, everytime there is a wedding in telly, or a newlywed pic in a mag.

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No offence, Sherminator, but it bugs me when someone has an opinion of which they have no experience.

We have been married for 35+ years and we have never been happier. We compliment each other, when one of us is down, the other helps the other up.

When you find the right person it's a GREAT experience. I my opinion you don't think you know what you've been missing.

Since your last post on this subject we have had several differences of opinion. I look forward on further debates. .

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Sushi bars... don't get the fascination to eat raw fish - I mean I come from a culture that survives by the bounty of the sea... but we cook. smoke or can our fish.

Those blue alcohol drinks from a bottle that smell and taste like jet fuel... why add caffiene to alcohol, all you get is a wide awake drunk then...

Pink hunting cammo... yes, because Bambi is attracted to fashionistas in the bush wearing pink... as a matter of fact pink anything... isn't it time we stopped using colours to assign gender to people?

"green" cleaning products. Unless it's lemon from a lemon, anything else is a chemical mixture... with a green label on it...

Men who wear cowboy attire that aren't cowboys...

Disposible electronics - it's cheaper to replace them than fix them. I like having my old VIC still working... wonder if my Alienware will last as long?

The Princess phenom... my granddaughter was all about being a princess long before she ever saw her first Disney movie...

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