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Popular things you don't like?

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I've heard that it's not the color of the wine, but the sugar content. "Dryer" wines (like Merlot) have less sugar. I would suggest a WHITE MERLOT (if you can find it). It's a "dry" wine but they tak

No you're not, saying wine is for a particular gender or personality is just too judgmental. It's like me calling you a redneck for drinking beer.

Weddings -I mean a man voluntarily dooms himself into a life of misery,constant nagging, and household slavery by binding himself into a woman, in public, with a flock of morons cheering him on. m

I don't like :

-those singing shows like X Factor, American Idol

-Iphones or any smart phones actually..they are such a waste of money. I feel like people forget the true purpose of cellphone.

-Reality shows

-Shows like ER and Grey's Anatomy - I can't believe people think these shows reflect reality of health professionals.

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Things I realllllllly don't like or don't 'get' the fascination with: Pho noodles, How I Met Your Mother, Gangnam Style, penguins, beer, Justin Bieber, sushi, cake/sweets/chocolate, Grey's Anatomy, popcorn, ketchup, most sports, 50 Shades of Grey (MOST AWFUL THING EVER), Twilight franchise, Twitter, James Cameron's Avatar, summer time, the beach, and Firefly.

I'm just kidding about Firefly.

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Don't like:


Gangham style

Candy, especially those sugary and sour ones - they taste disgusting, how can people eat that?

Most Video games and well generally any computer/ phone game- especially things like angry birds and temple run. I find them so boring.

Lady Gaga, Adele, Bruno Mars, One Direction, The Wanted, Rihanna..pretty much all the artists featured on the top-20 lists and the radio

Swimming, beaches, water sports

Coke, Fanta, Sprite - all the fizzy drinks


mobile phones in general actually..drives me nuts when people text when I'm talking to them

the hunger games franchise


french fries

hot dogs

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Jersey Shore

16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom -- Can anyone remember a time were. 1) Getting pregnant as a teen wasn't popular on tv and 2) MTV had good shows and almost all music videos??



Ashton Kutcher replaces C.Sheen on Two and A Half Men. I like Kutcher on, That 70s Show, but not really on TAAHM.

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I don't like that most people don't use their own brains, and just put things in their bodies that are bad for them just because it's the norm, and watch shows/movies and listen to music that represents things that are just WRONG, without using their brains to think about what they actually represent.

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