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6.01 The Date Night Variable (Sept. 27)


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I thought it was good and it addressed several hanging issues... but it will not be up there on my list of favorites by no means. I liked the interaction with sheldon and amy (funny) and I really liked the way raj told penny to say I love you. The part at the end with raj and stuart was a little forced, but not surprising that raj would be looking for someone new to hang out with. Overall, I think they did a good job introducing the new season.

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I enjoyed it. Missed the cold open, boo - hopefully it will be On Demand soon as I somehow forgot to set the DVR. Loved seeing Howard in space, I'm glad we got a little of that, and I sure hope he gets a spine someday regarding his mother...

I loved Sheldon's heartfelt and meaningful remarks that were of course a quote. I'm surprised I didn't recognize the quote, actually - I've seen that movie a dozen times. "I'll take it." Ha! I like those two together.

Pathetic Sad Lonely Raj has gotten old for me so I hope they give him something to do this season, either with work or a girl. I like Stuart so if he ends up being a bigger part of the show that's cool with me. Sadtini, haha.

Leonard and Penny... sigh. I want this to work out and I don't want them to annoy the bejesus out of me while they work it out. Raj is right. You love him, Penny, just effing tell him. I know Leonard can be annoyingly needy but she needs to JUST SAY IT. I laughed at "Go sports." He is cute. :)

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

loved all the storylines except Howard/Bernadette/Mrs Wolowitz. It was kind of redundant.

I am a fan and a shipper, so my opinion might be biased. But as we were watching the episode, and as Sheldon started giving the Spiderman speech, my bf came to me (we were in opposites sides of the table) and grabbed my hand. He didn't breathe until Sheldon finished. And after he said it was from Spiderman, he cracked up laughing, and told me, "you know? it was not a literal quote. He changed it. He meant it" and comig from a non-shipper, male and Spiderman fan, I take his opinion as valid!

But, this:


made my night. gif from http://genki-escapist.tumblr.com/

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I enjoyed it, but I agree that the Howard/Mom/Bernie conversation was pretty one-note.

I kind of wanted more conversation between Amy and Sheldon about his date-fakery. He's the one who decided that he wanted her to be his girlfriend, so he had better learn how to step it up. :p

I did really kind of love Raj's rant at Penny and Leonard. That so needed to be said! ;)

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Great episode! I've been waiting all summer for this. I loved the interaction with Shamy and Raj that was hysterical. My stupid tv froze a little during the Penny/Leonard/Raj part so I missed some of the Raj dialogue

:( I know he told PEnny to tell Leonard I love you, but I missed the part before that. Anyone remember it?

I'm glad Raj is going to be hanging out with Stuart they are both lonely and he needs a new airsach homosexual relationship to get into now that Howard is in space and married to Bernie. I think it be funny to watch them flirt with these two as a couple for a few episodes dating and just hanging out singing karaoke going to movies etc, until finally they decide to kiss and realize there really is no chemistry and they still both want to be with women more so then they break up lol. I think it'll be hysterical and Its cool that in premiere episode a brand new ship has been born what is it called though Rart or RaStu or KoothraBloom?

As for LEonard and Penny ick! I really want to like them, but they are so annoying. I'm tired of Penny acting like she is the guy in relationship who can't share her feelings and Leonard as the needy pathetic girl who just wants to get married and have her babies, its bad stereotype and offensive to both gender to keep playing this tired stereotype between them. Penny even admit to Raj that she never should have let Leonard go and now they are saying in next week's episode synopsis she is considering breaking up with him again UGH! I'm just getting tired of it.

Either they let their relationship move forward already or just break up for good and find new characters to date cause this is just not that funny anymore. I mean people say happy relationships are boring, well unhappy ones that keep repeating the same mistakes are even more BORING! I'd rather watch a happy couple on tv work through their problems instead of ignoring them like Penny does or whining about them all time like Leonard it just makes them both look pathetic and that is just sad because they could be good together if they just stop repeating the same things.

Well Thank Chuck for SHAMY! cause for me they are the new Lenny and have been for a long while now so I hope they don't screw Shamy up too. So far so good though because what Sheldon said to Amy tonight was perfect and funny! I know he meant what he said I know he did even if it was a movie quote it came from the heart you can tell by the way he said it and that he didn't say Bazinga afterwards I was afraid they'd have him say that at the end of his adorable speech and ruin it, but they didn't so YEAH!!. :)

He is just nervous/scared moving forward in their relationship, but also excited about it. I think even my ovaries got happy when Sheldon saidbeing with Amy makes him feel excited! I mean it least we know this means he does actually FEEL! He feels a lot and he wants her he's just scared of having things move to fast physically speaking, but emotionally he's feeling it and hey what he said to Amy was more emotionally honest than anything Penny has ever said too Leonard the entire time they've known each other so WAY TO GO SHELDON!

Sheldon even wants their relationship to continue too so you know he's a good person inside and once he finally learns to open up physically its going to be so SWEET, but I want them to take their time with that. I think they will end up married just like Howard/Bernadette. I'm almost sure of it, because of that line Amy said to Penny about if Sheldon had propose to her in bed she'd clamp on and never let go. I think Sheldon is going to play hard to get for as long as he can perhaps all season long he will, but eventually he'll give in and once he does it'll be on like Alderean!! for Shamy!

As for Howardette, I thought scenes in space were funny, but not as funny as Shamy scenes or the Raj scenes were. I want Howard to grow some back bone already and tell his mother to get a life. It makes me happy that they are planning to bring in a love interest for her [sorry if that is a Spoiler to anybody] but I saw it on the front home page with the addition of the Buffy alum actor as a lover for Howard's mom so i'm assume its common knowledge right? Anyway, I think that could be funny too see one of the moms in a relationship on the show, especially one like Mrs. Wolowitz. But it should remain in background and not eclipse the main stars.

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I did'nt laugh much through out the entire episode...

odd line here and there was funny...

but the individual scenes were way too short....too much flipping around was done...

I did not like stuart getting into main cast because already we have so many main characters for a 20 min sitcom...

and frankly I don't see much difference between Lenny and Shamy.... Penny is Sheldon , Amy is Leonard...

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Very good episode.

Funny loved Raj's line about him and Amy not having had a real conversation.

So true.

As for the couples the only word that comes to mind is doomed.

Really funny episode, thought it was great. Loved the space capsule so much. And we were talking about Amy having scenes with Raj & there it was. As for the couples - brutal, yeah doomed is the word..Thank goodness. Raj was very funny on the Shamy date,great telling Leonard off & confronting Penny & finally dancing with Stuart, he actually provides a lot of glue between the characters. He's my third favourite character after Sheldon and Penny.

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Good episode. I agree with others that it wasn't the BEST in the world (could have had some extra pizzaz considering it was the 1st episode of a new season) but needless to say, the best part of it was what Sheldon told Amy. Yes, he quoted Spiderman but he felt every word he was saying and it was so touching. Honestly, I don't care about Leonard and Penny's relationship at this point. LOL. Sheldon and Amy's is much more interesting and unique and fun to watch.


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Raj was the best the best thing in this otherwise mediorce episode.

As for supposed doom and gloom for Sheldon/Amy and Leonard/Penny. Sorry haters but those two pairings are here to stay. The endings to both the storylines only hint foward momentum for both pairings. Sheldon is a slow mover and Amy has her work cut out for her but he's clearly in denial about how much he really does want and need her in his life. As for Leonard and Penny, their storyline is simply foreshadowing the inevitable ILY that Penny will finally say to Leonard sometime this season.

But still on the whole the episode was lackluster. Not very many laughs. The Howard/Bernadette/His Mom storyline was just more of the same and him being in space does little to salvage it.

Despite Raj being great, he was really only great because he was used as an audience surrogate in voicing issues with L/P. The writers were basically saying: "Yes we'ver heard your complaints". As for Raj himself, again the pity party about always being lonely is beyond beating a dead horse at this juncture.

Hopefully next week will be better.

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Someone mentioned this ep being sort of a set-up for the season was right, IMO.

It's almost like the middle movie of a trilogy--you have all the stuff that happened before and the middle movie sort of gathers things for the big climax in the third movie.

So, though the 6th season isn't and ending or anything like that, they do have all these plates in the air at this point and this ep kind of reminds the viewer of where everyone stands as the season opens.

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I was impressed with the weightlessness special effects for the space station. While they can do this with software, etc., I would think that would be very hard on the show's budget? Anyone with inside-info on how they did the 'flying pen' ? Perhaps the same way as the Eighties' "2010" movie - just seems over and above for this show. Then again, they may have such effects "canned" now and the expense today is minimal.

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Raj was really on fire in that episode! Especially as he yelled at Penny to tell Leonard that she loves him! Go Raj! That was just the best!

He really said what everybody thought! Very good!

Loved the Shamy scenes at the restaurant too!

Poor Howard...he´s now afraid of going back to earth.

And this "Go sports!" on Leonards belly was funny :icon_mrgreen:

For me it was a really good episode. I mean Penny and Leonard have a lot to learn and a lot to fix. But hey as long as they don`t break up again everything is fine.

And yeah its great that Stuart is now one of the regulars. I`m sure he´s Raj´s new best friend now (I mean only `cause Howard´s in space)

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