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The Big Bang Theory DVD's

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Visually, standard DVD will look fine imo.

The difference between Blu Ray and standard DVD is essentially this: Blu Ray displays at 1080p whilst DVD displays at 480p (think PS3 vs PS2)

Running Blu Ray thru your Philips tv, assuming it is FULL HD (there is a difference between FULL and standard HD) you will get the very best picture.

Again, unless you are an absolute res junkie, you won't notice that big a difference between a Blu Ray copy and a standard DVD copy. Especially for a tv series.

A movie like Avatar, however, yes you would certainly see the difference in visual quality.

For me, I simply go with standard DVD as I cannot justify paying extra for a higher resolution that I personally cannot see.

link: http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-6463_7-6462511-2.html

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I would get the DVDs simply because it's fun to have the eps without commercials and you also get some fun extras.

I don't think I can afford to buy the box set, and I had already bought the S3 and S4 DVDs before I realized they were doing a box set.

So I'm going to buy the S5 set, and then eventually go back and get the S1-2 sets.

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The reason im hesitant on buying the dvds is because ill watch them al at once and then ill be bored. I like what they do on E4. A few episodes a day, keeps it fresh. Plus with a dvd I cant fall asleep while its on because my PS3 doesnt really do a sleep mode.. I may just buy the S5 dvd.

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