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Raj needs to get a girlfriend this season

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I think very slowly having Alex do off and on appearances with her and Raj sometimes dating would sort of let him have someone but still allow him and Stuart to do bro stuff together. The writers could make it so she becomes Raj's assistant and so he has to learn to talk to her to work with her. It could be funny him tying to communicate with her until he finally can talk to her. Also, since he is her boss, he is not suppose to date her so they have a part time undercover thing that the can put in a couple of episodes. Anyway that is my two-cents.

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God no, Alex (or whatever her name is) IS boring! She didn't seem interesting enough to be a good enough partner for Raj, and seriously why would she date him after their first encounter ended so badly (in the cafeteria)

Raj and Stuart bromance is funny, but the gay jokes get old quick. So its about time that Raj gets a girlfriend. I want to see an episode where Raj and Stuart go out to a bar and try to pick up women, it wil be hilarious with Raj's personality when hes drunk and Stuart's low confidence in himself.

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