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Can Anyone Help Me Identify Leonard's Black And Gray Hoodie/jacket


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I'm trying to find and buy the gray and black hoodie Leonard is seen wearing in multiple episodes. If this is actually 2 different articles of clothing, than just the vest would be helpful cuase i have a gray hoodie i can use. I'm planning on going as leonard for halloween parties.

Here's some picture of the hoodie in question. Any help would be awesome, Thankspost-8129-0-56956900-1348178349_thumb.jppost-8129-0-16593300-1348178359_thumb.jp

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It looks as though the hoodie zip follows the contour of the darker vest in that first photo. Possibly a one-piece? ie: the hoodie is stitched into the vest.

As for a specific brand name? I've set the moogles to work, but nothing definite has shown up yet on google.

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i have been curious about this for some time as well. To me it looks just like a gray hoodie with a black vest but its too hard to tell if they are one piece or two... I'm sure it would be both doable and passable as two separate pieces.

Edit: after about twenty minutes of searching I'm reaching the conclusion that it is def two pieces. From what I'm seeing and comparing it too it looks like a bulky/baggy gray zip up hoodie with a black denim or cargo vest over it.


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Found a Solution!!


If you have a grey full zip hoodie, all you need is to buy a vest (I know...stated already) But the style of the vest is tactical in nature. Here are some links to cheap tactical vests on amazon.com. Simply remove any collars, zippers, storm flaps, etc. and attach the hoodie:









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