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Episode 2.09 (Nov 24th)


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I like this episode. I love the bit where Sheldon was in the cinema.

I thought of this episode just the other day when I went to the movies. :) I was in an empty row trying to decide if this seat or that seat was in the very middle of the row... :D

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This episode tonight, and I just had to post and say how much I love this one. the scene with sheldon in the movie theater is priceless, and I laugh so hard every time i see the scene with sheldon moving over into leonard's seat when the movie begins. this whole episode is hilarious!



Tell me about it :lol:  SHELDON LOOKS FOR THE ACOUSTIC SWEET SPOT IN  A  Movie Theater

I watched the rerun yesterday and now Sheldon keeps popping up in my head with his gargantuan guttural noises just like a unique exotic bird trapped in a theater and finally going to rest on Leonard's shoulder with a cheeky face :D


Here is  the 

clip....it's so...so...so... I really got hooked

for God's sake don't do that ever ph34r.gif Can you imagine everyone going to the movie theater to do that?

It would be spectators' revolution

In a few words...can you give me an idea to which comedian... can I compare the character of Sheldon? It seems I cannot recall any  

I see him as a unique example. I cannot compare anyone with. Maybe this will be the comedians of the future generation of actors?

Who knows.

(I was thinking of comedian/actor Zach Braff  but I feel he is not on the same line of acting. In spite of their short scenes in  Garden State 2004)


*I've just read that Television critic Andrew Dansby compares Parsons' physical comedy to that of Buster Keaton and other silent film stars

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I thought of that when I went to a movie this week.  The theater was empty when I arrived, and I *ALMOST* let out a loud "HAH!"


That said, I know people who actually do look for the acoustical sweet spot in a movie theater.  And who fight with robots.   :icon_eek:  

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