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6.03 The Higgs Boson Observation (Oct. 11)


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The Higgs Boson Observation - Amy feels threatened when Sheldon hires a young female assistant, and the pressure of being in space takes its toll on Wolowitz, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Oct. 11 (8:00 - 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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I wonder if they will be another cat fight! I want to see Amy fight for her man lol! Even better if she has Penny to back her up haha that would be hilarious to watch them kick a girl's ass over Sheldon or pull an elaborate prank to get Sheldon to fire her. Though really it could be just as simple as making Sheldon think his assistant touched his food to get her fired. And I can't wait to see some more crazy "I ate a butterfly" scenes with Wolowitz and his space madness lol

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Cannot wait for this one! :D Its going to very interesting and exciting and bet it will just be so funny ^_^ Someone did a reallllly good fan fiction on Shamy, it is on the Amy and Sheldon sleeping together form. (don't worry the fiction is not about them two sleeping together) It is just really funny and well great :D

I think it was created by phantagrae :)

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Does Amy really get all that "ballistic", or just suspicious? I'm wondering...would Amy get angry or would she be insecure about some new woman in Sheldon's life?

Amy isn't going to let some new women interfer with her 4 year plan. She's going to fling her poop and train Ricky to shoot poison darts at the new girl. Bitches, be crazy :D

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pics are posted. man, sheldon looks really good in all of these pics.

amy lookin good too, with her lipstick.


Wow, I'm surprised they're alright with Mayim's hand injury in the promo photos. It won't be in the episode at all, but that took me by surprise. Haha.

Anyway, I love this episode because I know how the next few episodes turn out, I like what it causes to happen.

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Phantagrae - a belated happy birthday! Hope your celebration goes well today (as it should, with Higgs Boson Observation as part of the mix). :)

I'm just glad the show airs before the vice presidential debates tonight. I've been missing my TBS fix because of the baseball playoffs, so I've been playing my DVDs or toughing it out.

I often have rehearsals on Thursdays (like next week!) so having a Thursday night to sit home and watch TBBT as it airs is a nice treat. I just have to make sure I get home from work on time and get all situated in front of the TV. :)

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It was a cute episode. Not as good as last week, in my opinion, but had some good moments. I really liked it when Raj moved to the other table when Alex tried to talk to him. Sheldon was typical Sheldon in this one; I liked it. Howard was funny too.

Oh, and we finally got some physics going on again. :)

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