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Do You Want Sheldon To Get Closer To Amy?


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I quite like the emotional growth thing. Of course I don't mean I want this to turn into a drama, I don't know how the Lennys do it. But I really like the balance they are keeping right now between them growing and staying funny and quirky. I do with they had more scenes together to showcase that though, because that's the main problem this year, imo: they're not having enough scenes where it's just the two of them going back and forth. It's always scenes where Amy is with the girls or they are both with the others and the few scenes they've had together have all been relationship oriented or short, throw-away scenes. They need more screen time together, imo. Even just going back to the end of last year there were a lot more. TLA was amazing. 


Pomita: yes, I was surprised at how well they were doing in the polls! There were some I found on the XF boards I go to and they were neck and neck with Leonard and Penny for popularity and way ahead of some alpha couples from other shows. 

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Kiru - here's hoping!


I'd also like to point out that the 'Shamy's are not one squealing homogenous group all wanting the same thing. I suppose all groups tend to look homogenous from the outside, and it's easy to typecast, but it amazes me sometimes how much we argue and differ within ourselves about what we want for these two. Some people saw sex in their future right from the beginning, some of us only recently got comfortable with the idea, some favor a little more drama and quicker progress, some wish for more sweet nerdy moments between them and want things to go even slower.. the spectrum is wide and varied. 

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