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6.06 The Extract Obliteration (Nov. 1)


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why isnt leonard allowed to help penny with her paper? He is very capable of helping her out, but maybe sitting down together to discuss.

Mostly because he overdoes it (after all, he did rewrite the whole thing without telling her). Penny also has that I'm not smart enough for Leonard thing going on, so if she does it herself (or with help from someone other than Leonard) she can feel more even with him, even if she isn't.

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20 minutes ago, BangerMain said:

She promised Leonard she "would get better" and she did!

Perhaps I should have phrased it better.

By "roughly one year ago", I didn't mean 2014. I meant one year before this episode.

Penny made the Mac & Cheese, approximately one year before she made the crunchy spaghetti.

Good Guy Fluctuation (the episode were she made Mack & Cheese) is 5.07, whereas this episode, Extract Obliteration (with the crunchy spaghetti) is 6.06.

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