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Is Kaley Cuoco Beautiful?


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I don't think it's a rant at all; now society is doing it to men; with magazine emphasizing perfection and eternal 20-something youth. It's entirely wrong,

Kaley is beautiful today & will be just as beautiful in 20 years :icon_biggrin: Especially with those Cheetos; snacks!

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I don't know why anyone would even have to ask the question. I think that from episode to episode or maybe season to season they've changed up her hair or whatever, but I don't thnk she's ever looked bad--unless it was intentional, like when Sheldon makes her drive him to work that one morning, or when she was addicted to the game, etc.

I was just noticing how long her hair was in one episode--I don't remember if it was when she first found about about Amy or if it was some other episode. She was sitting in the white chair in the guys' apartment and her hair was just combed out straight and seemed much longer than in other eps. It was gorgeous.

The only time I ever had a "what the...?" moment was in the ep about that Nowitzki girl. At the very end, I think, the girl goes storming out of the guys' apartment (after Sheldon said he wouldn't share credit, etc.) and she passes Penny in the hall. They have Penny in this FUGLY "Fruit Stripe Gum" dress that makes her look about a foot wider in her body or something. It's got these big broad diagonal stripes that just do weird things to her shape.

Otherwise, though, I think she's really pretty and really cute. I love when she has her hair in those little knots on her head. I wear my hair pretty short, but even if it was longer, I don't think I could pull off that style. ;)

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This might get me kicked out the forum ,because Tripper is still in love with Kaley(awwwww!) ,

but to me, Kaley is not very comely.

But that's just me. I'm not relly into tired looking blondes with dry hair and so on. (sorry Tripper, but that's what the topic asked!)

I much more like dark and voluptous beauties.

Such as amy!

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Hell yeah she is still as beautiful as when the show first started, and as for making her look skanky? WTF you on about.... maybe with her being one of the non geeky characters, they are just trying to go with the current styles and trends with her.... ever thought about that?

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

I think they are dressing Kaley down.

Baggy outfits, large dress shirts, multiple layers, unkempt hair etc.

A slight variation on how they dress down the other actresses.

No idea why.

because Penny is not 19 anymore. She's in her middle 20's. Most women start to dress more conservative and practical as they get older. It wouldn't be believable (and IMO, kinda pathetic) to have Penny still dressing on tank tops and mini-shorts all the time after all these years.

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you're kidding right? She's not a bank employee or a member of the Young Republicans she an aspiring actress in her mid twenties; showing off your beautiful toned body is part of it Sadly they're making Kaley look like a trashy mess.

On another note I do think Priya is the most beautiful of all of them :icon_biggrin:

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She pulls a lot of faces, :icon_cheesygrin: but she's still very beautiful IMO.

Part of Kaley's acting Talent is her great facial expressions. Yes she Physically beautiful. However


We certainly have seen other Hollywood types turn out to be very ugly people. Mel Gibson just to name one. What do we really know about the Real Kaley Cucco? While she seems to be a Private person, She is a Member or supporter of PETA a very left wing animal activist group that believes all animals should be free. Not your average pet owns organization. Her choice of Boy toys being years older than her has also been discuss here. I am Pragmatic enough to know I am in Love with Penny because I really don't know the real Kaley Cucco.


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from a fanboys point of view, she is stunning, absolutely, her photoshoots, and just general pictures of her, show this too true extent.

but what we must remember is what pennys character is supposed too be.. she sleeps with a few different men.. she has no ''leisure money'' in certain episodes.. shes only a waitress... its the portrayment of the character that you are all seeing.. not actually kaley cuoco..



shes stunning.

I agree with this. She is not kaley cuoco, a millionare popular actress on the big bang theory. She is playing penny a waitress. She IS still beautiful though.

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I have always thought that Kaley was very pretty. But why is it that sometimes she looks so homely on the show.

Do they intentionally make her up to not look as good?

Is she not aging well? Does seem like she looked so much better in the first season.

From the pilot...


From season 5 episode 10...


penny will always look good x x
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