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Im Back, And Im Loving Season 6! Who Else Is? :d

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I was inactive on the forums ever since season 5 ended, feels good to be back to discuss about my favorite show. :D

IMO season 6 has had a way better start compared to season 5, all the episodes so far have been hilarious.

Whats missing on the show is a partner for Raj! We dont see him going out anymore, or even trying to find a girlfriend. I'm going to be dissapointed if season 6 ends with Raj being the same old lonely guy...

What do you guys think ?

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Idk, he has Stuart now <3

Yes Stuart is Raj's new squeeze. It is not like the writers haven't portrait Raj as gay or leaning that way for the past 5 seasons. Raj Coming out should be no surprise to anyone. It isn't like we all don't know or are friends with Gay People. So why shouldn't a TV comedy have some gay humor also.

I only worry about what I do (or at my age can't do as well) between the sheets. What others do between the sheet is there business and not for me judge.


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I am love love loving this season so far. :icon_mrgreen: Of course I actually enjoyed Season 5 a lot too, but I'm still pretty new to BBT. I started watching the show on TBS just this year back in January with all the reruns and caught up super fast, but I was watching episodes from all five seasons at same time, so I don't have that sense that some fans do that oh show has gotten worst over time cause they started way back when. I feel like its only gotten better. I mean back in season 1 you can tell writers didn't really know who the characters were gonna be yet and all their little individual quirks were just forming but not fully developed. Then by season 2-3 they were on a roll, but something was still missing and that something was GIRLS!! lol. I mean I can't even imagine this show now without Amy and Bernadette they added so much to the existing characters lives and the humor of the show and the girl dynamic between Amy, Bernadette and Penny, now rivals that of the four guys to me its AWESOME! I do hope they find a girl for Raj someday though. I think his new relationship with STuart is hilarious, but I don't think Raj is going to turn gay with him though. just this season STuart was still hitting on that girl at the Halloween party and Raj was crushing on Alex, Sheldon's new assistant. So although the gay humor is funny at times, I think writers still want to keep them straight and just make it a new bromance like what Raj had with Howard before he married Bernadette. I just feel bad for whichever guy gets a girl first, like if Stuart gets a girl and dumps Raj for her he's gonna feel so lonely all over again and that would make me so sad for him. And if Raj got a girl and abandoned STuart, i feel bad for stuart. So I hope they either both stay single or both get girlfriends in the same season so it doesn't look like one is left to be all lonely with no one to fill their hole.

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