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What's Your Beverage?


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at the moment, Green Tea.

-no sugar or milk, thanks.

It is so refreshing, and since I started drinkin it regular, I have felt better all over!

Is this plasebo effect, or are the inscrutable chinese into something, I do not know.

-but I do know I'm feeling swell because of this brew!

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In fact there are gurus in India that drink urine, their own and cow's, because they believe it will get them closer to enlightement.

-it is rather worrying that these men are respected for their holiness in their own country!

How I come to know this?

-well, when younger, I was really into all kinds of new age stuff, from Taoism to theosophy to meditation techniques. Thank God (literally) that it's past phase for me! Still, on the bright side, it made me fluent in their mumbo jumbo jargon! Kundalini! Chakras! Auras! Pranayama! Vipassana!

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If I'm at home or at a restaurant - water.

If I really crave something else, I get the Nestea raspberry tea. It's delicious. Plus that's all I drink at work since we get to take advantage of the soda fountains. ;)

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I'm siting here at the keyboard enjoying a chicken flavour cupa soup. My dog is staring at me waiting for his share. When I blow on it to cool it for him, he gets excited, cos he knows it's on it's way. He licks his lips in anticipation and wags his little docked tail.

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