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So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish


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Many people leave forums because they feel theyre not getting enough attention and love from other forum-members.

Unfortunately, most forums have so many members that any one member only gets very little attention, unless theyre prepared to make a ruckus.

So, for attention, it is better to go to facebook or join some very little forum with very little members. There, you can get attention, respect and friends plenty.

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LOVE ME !!!!!!! dammitt !!

:D lolz

We all love you, netmouse, if only because that animated mouse you have there is so darn cute!

But whilst talking about love, this site is very nice campared to many I've been to.

-I mean there are forums where the core group are very hostile to newcomers. But here in BBT forum, newcomers are warmly welcomed in.

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/humps Net's leg

Love C&H. Miss that strip.

Made me even sadder when I heard he asked his publisher not to forward his fan mail anymore. =(

I liked the books. Wasn't a fan of the TV series (what little I saw of it).

GL Disgusted!

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I just hope Discusted does not contemplate jumping off a bridge or anything, and for that reason is giving us the goodbyes.

If that is so, then I say: Do not do it!

-there is so much to live for!

I mean Hobbit is about to hit the cinemas, and you do not want to miss that, now do you?

-and then there are the new star wars movies coming up and so on.

So, not the time to be kicking the bucket!

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Disgusted may just be letting us know so we don't wonder what happened. Another forum I post in has a "Missing Members" thread where posters will ask what happened to whoever. People leaving the board will usually post when they are leaving.

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