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Who's Your Favourite Actor-Singer?


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Elvis Presley, no doubt. ;) He was just The King of everything, I guess.


A more actual choice would be Jared Leto for me. I'm a huge fan of 30 Seconds to Mars and I think he's a great actor and also a great singer.

I'm not a teen anymore, so... well, I just like his way of being eclectic.

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Sherminator, on 08 November 2012 - 10:26 AM said


My favourite singer-actor is J-lo!
-I mean Jennifer is brilliant actress, and a very good singer too.
-not to mention that her amazingly shapely rear quarters! (woof woof!)
-I really love her in Maid in Manhattan!



I like her as well, she's very talented and not forgetting very appealing on the eyes :)

I also like Beyoncé, she's an amazing singer and dancer and a good actor, she was great in Austin Powers.

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