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Another Shamy Fanfic - The Engaging Driver


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Hey stardust, I'm ashamed to admit I haven't read this yet, but it is on my mental to-do list.  I've been having a hard time finding time to write for my own as well; it's been driving me crazy because I have the next two chapters already in my head.


Have you been enjoying writing it?  I have found it to be so fulfilling, and almost addictive.

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Hey Chloe.  I am enjoying this story so far.  I am not sure I would be a multiple story at a time person like some writers.  I have to finish one story before moving on to the next.  My problem is putting too much in a story I guess.   :icon_lol:    I tend to be a binge writer.  I get an idea and go off on a binge and once that is written then move on to the next.  I have written primarily screenplays in the past and so writing stories is actually easier.  I find dialog harder to write.  So when in a story, it comes easier than when you have to make the dialog become the entire story.   :icon_lol:


I understand that reading all the fanfics out there is difficult.  I read a lot over the summer hiatus so now only have to keep up with a chapter or two when it updates on all my favorites.   It would be harder to start something from scratch and read it through when it is such a busy time of year. :)


MJC, you are right that there isn't much on Howard and Bernie.  I love them as my second favorite couple too.   I have been using them more in a support role in this fanfic, but I wish to bring more of them to the forefront.   I envy the writers of the show that they can do such an amazing job developing characters each week and using them the way they do. I have find it challenging to keep up with all of them and get story movement.  :icon_wink:   Shamy have a lot of story in this one, especially Amy's history.   There is still a lot more coming of her history as well.  So yes, it has been difficult to write and develop side stories for each of the characters.  I know many have been wanting to see Raj get a story, which is why he shows up even more than H/B do at this point.   I think if I write a new story, I will definitely be more focused on H/B and Shamy because those are my two favorites. :)

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