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Another Shamy Fanfic - The Engaging Driver

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Announcing a follow-on story to The Turkey Drive called The Engaging Driver: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8734948/1/The-Engaging-Driver This will be a shorter, multi-chapter story. Enjoy! Please

Thank you rachygd!   I am glad you are enjoying it.  I hope to have another posted this weekend.

Well Jim always looks good in a tux and even when Sheldon had to dress up for howards wedding, he looked hot as anything


I love that chapter. You made that I was so impatient, but bravo for that you'll make me enjoying so much that you added this chapter. From the beggining when I read that chapter, immediately struck me in such incredibly positive way, as they all are so loyal to each other, how they ensure and care that Sheldon and Amy were safe, and how much affection they have for each other. It is so amazing how Howard is trying so hard for them, and  that Sheldon has a lot of admiration for him , even if he do not want to admit it. They are like family and they have a lot of love for each other.

Did I read it correctly? Hazim was arrested and will soon be able to go back to LA ... finally, but something tells me that it will not be so easy ...
I must tell you that it will be sad when you will finish the last chapter. Your story is so perfect, and it gives me so many positive and wonderful feelings, and I just look forward to each next chapter.
I hope that when you finish this fanfic. can you start a new story.
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The Engaging Driver: A Shamy fanfic

Announcing the final chapter


Chapter 66:  The Homecoming





:wub:  :wub: oh thank you stardust for that update. It's sad that it is over. :icon_cry:  I just lOVE your story, and I can imagine that this is the end. I posted review. Thank you for that fanfic.  :wub:

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Yes, sadly all things must end and this one had run it's course.   I am not overly happy with the last chapter in that I feel it was a bit rushed, but sadly I needed to move on.   Thank you for being such a loyal follower and reviewer.  I am so pleased that you enjoyed the story.   I love the journey they were on, but it was nice to bring them home finally.

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