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Who's Your Favourite Tv/movie Robot?


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They are replicants not robots but I like Pris and Roy from Blade Runner. The film was on really late one night and had already started when I switched over. But that movie blew my mind. It's just incredible. I didn't find out the name of it till years later, wow....


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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

Oldie but goodie, Maria's robot double on Metropolis. I don't know how many of you have seen it, but it's awesome, and also the first movie robot ever. 1927 when it was filmed. Maria's robot double raised the masses against the ruler of the city posing as a saint while driving the rich crazy with her sexy dances and inviting them to sin. She was amazing!.

I just Love that movie despite my bf's dismay everytime I rewarch the awesome 2 hour silent movie: D







and here's she in action:




BONUS: Jim Parsons also loves Maria's robot double:LOL


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Rhoda Miller, real name AF709 from the series My Living Doll.  Some may know her better as Catwoman from the Batman TV series.
I remember Juile as Catwoman, they used to have re-runs of Batman on tv when I was growing up. She's gorgeous and she ruined me for any other Catwoman :) Never heard of My Living Doll so I will have to find this now. The link says her name AF709 was the inspiration for 7 of 9 on Star Trek Voyager. I love these little factoids.
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Extremely difficult. I can maybe cut a list to between 5-10, but no way could I name just one.


No particular order...


Marvin the Paranoid Android (original BBC Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

R2-D2 (Star Wars)

C-3PO (Star Wars)

Robbie (Forbidden Planet)

Box (Logan's Run)

Maria's Double (Metropolis)

The Robot (original Lost in Space)

Twiki (Buck Rogers)

Ash (Alien)

Data (Star Trek TNG)

Roy Batty (Blade Runner)


I'll stop there, but I could go on & on...

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