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The Shamy Thread! (Season 6 Edition-Spoilers)


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Well, I figured it wouldn't hurt to start this thread since others gave the idea in the spoiler thread. Discuss what you need to about The Shamy! Although, some how I'm not sure it will make a difference in the spoiler thread. LOL. Worth a try...


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It's quite funny and amusing that Shamy discussions has taken over the spoiler thread there and the spoiler thread in Fan Forum. As for book-ish posts, let's see. Hmmm, having to explain something would always need more than three sentences. I don't see why some have to complain on the length when here on this board has been fairly just as tedious and sometimes even long like in LG...


Anyway, Spook, you were saying something about Sheldon now taking care of Amy instead of ditching her this time?

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I think the ones i were referring to was the extra LONG posts. Like more than 100 sentences.

It takes more than 3 sentences to say a statement of course.



I'm actually annoyed that you had to explain yourself over something so freakin' stupid. 



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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

Why isn't the quotes working??? BTW vasu, your avi totally looks like Johnny 'hits' Jim in the gutter area.   :p


I am getting very confused with this "quotes" issue :p

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Bill Prady

In the #BigBangTheory writers' room, Jim Reynolds just said "Star Wars" when he meant "Star Trek." Jim Reynolds is on thin ice.


Uh-oh Jim Reynolds for the faux pas!   Well it sounds like 6.12 has some reference to Star Trek in it.  I guess that means absolutely nothing really, other  than it will be mentioned.  LOL!

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