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The Shamy Thread! (Season 6 Edition-Spoilers)


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THANK YOU FOR THE LINK. Oh wow I just can't wait OMG.....I'm so impatient ...I will see it on friday... well CBS clever maneuver, they give us only what Penny, said that to Amy and Sheldon, "maybe your characters do it in the game" and then that thing with Howard and Bernadette... clever...

its funny how the editing was shown here, least we who have been spoiled understand it!
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Oh BazingaFan....just want to remind you that many of us would love an update to Homeostatic Adjustment when you can get to it.   ;)


I know stardust... I'm so sorry.... It's been driving me crazy too.  At least I can tell you I've started on it.  It's always crazy around the end of the school year and my time has been limited.  I hope to really get back on it this week.

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What up, Shamyland? I always agree with every single word you and the others say around here. Gee, it feels great. LOL.


Yes it is.... what a relief and ... only happy thoughts and it feels so good...LOL



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I'm loving the Facebook comments on the photo of Shamy on Sheldon's bed with the dice... everyone is trying to figure out if Sheldon is holding a condom and is propositioning Amy for coitus, or if he's breaking up with her... it's so much fun reading their wild mass guessing while I just smile and think to myself "too bad I can't tell you what happens"

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