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The Shamy Thread! (Season 6 Edition-Spoilers)


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Oh goodness, I hadn't even seen the sneak peek. Anjel totally did a Bazinga on us there. :D


I so love Amy's smile and confidential twinkle at Sheldon, when he shows her his literal goosebumps. Lovely bonding moment there. :wub:



Yay for good reviews. Y-A-A-A-A-A-Y-Y!


The reason I'm shouting is because I'm on tenterhooks. In a good way. :icon_eek:

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I already posted in the episode thread... so I have to process and come back to shamyland tomorrow.  I can't wait to watch this again.


Jim and Mayim both deserve an Emmy for making that scene so incredible, and believable.

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Pace yourself before reading the following articles: 



During "The Love Spell Potential," Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) were effectively forced to answer the biggest question facing them as a couple: Will they or won't they? The answer, revealed during a clever game of Dungeons & Dragons, is … maybe, when the neurotic Sheldon reveals to his girlfriend of three years that he hasn't ruled out turning their relationship intimate.
"They proceed to role play what is essentially their first sexual experience but it is completely asexual at the same time; I love it," showrunner Steve Molaro tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It's funny, weird, nerdy and touching. It's a huge step forward and at the same time, it isn't. I don't know where they go from here but I know they're moving forward."


"The writers have managed, with all the characters, to have some severe levels of advancement in character growth with very miniscule movements and this is another example of that," Parsons says of the sexy scene where his D&D character gets down and dirty with Amy's gaming character. "What's changed? In some ways, everything you know about Sheldon you begin to look at differently if he's actually willing to consider sometime in the near future having a physical relationship with Amy. He's willing to step over a line that he wouldn't cross before and engage in this imaginary level of it. He's decided that this person is important enough to him to try to make a change."


Bialik, meanwhile, says the episode felt like Amy and Sheldon's own season finale. "We consummate aspects of our relationship through the language of Dungeons & Dragons and it's a very intimate scene -- like the spanking episode -- that felt like a very personal thing in our characters' relationship being played out publicly," she notes. "That's as far as Sheldon can go and it's very sweet. There are ways that every couple manages the challenges they have and Amy and Sheldon are definitely working it out." As for whether it will make Amy a big D&D fan going forward, Bialik is fairly confident she'll be eager to play the RPG again.





The night began with the guys playing D & D and then shifted into a D & D Vegas party, but in the end it turned into a more somber and serious moment as Sheldon went to Amy in his bedroom. His inability to really comprehend her issues was made abundantly clear when he said they were finally on the same bed after three years. No joke intended. As much as, Amy is the center of jokes, she really does love him and it turned out he loves her too even if he doesn't express it overtly.
They may not have made passionate love in Sheldon's bedroom, but they were able to find a way to share intimacy in their own unique manner: D & D virtual intimacy. Fantasy land for the both of them. And, for now, it appeared to be enough for Amy. And, perhaps, over time Sheldon will become more comfortable with his own sexuality and be able to share that with Amy.
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Right, I think my brain just knew I had to watch it and woke me up at 3am to do so, instead of 6:30 like I had planned. From the fact that it took me an hour to get my ass on here you can guess how many times I've rewatched that scene. LOL.


It really hasn't completely sunk in yet. I need to clear my head before I can write a proper summary of what I feel but I think the one thing I'm completely sure about, and no amount of interpretation is going to make me change my mind, is that Mayim TOTALLY stole that scene. Holy Jesus Christ on a bike, she is amazing. I don't know whether it's because the writers are still restraining Sheldon (and, don't get me wrong, I think they did let him take some big steps tonight, but I still feel like they've hold him back as much as they could), and maybe they're kind of doing a disservice to Jim in that sense, but Mayim was just incredible. I don't even need to point out what specific details floored me about her performance because I'm sure you all know.


Sheldon/Jim definitely had some moments too though. The way he initiated the whole thing, with this kind of shy, clumsy, "I'm coming onto you but I'm not sure what I'm doing" way when he talked about the love spell was endearing and so meaningful. And the moment he goes "I erotically caress...", the way he says that "I"... Oh Lord, that's what I'm talking about when I say that the writers might have done a disservice to Jim because boy that was sexy. 


From the characters' POV, I thought Sheldon was really trying hard to navigate the conversation without revealing too much and in the process ended up revealing too little and realized that when she wanted to get back to the living room. Initiating the role play was a way for him to explain to her what he meant in his own way, in a way he couldn't do with words. And I loved how taken aback Amy was by the whole thing, she did not expect that and I loved how it took her a little while to gain some confidence and start calling the shots herself.


I really think this is as far as the writers can go without committing themselves to let go of "old" Sheldon. It was an extremely clever way to deal with it, and as much as they want to make the audience think it's a "maybe" rather than a "yes", they do have Freudian slips in the way they choose to write the lines that gives it all away really ("Since it's not happening any time soon...". The writers are trying really hard to make sure that the Shamys journey into sex is as unique as possible, and this was a stroke of genius. Eventually though, they will have to give in to more "traditional" progress. There were several times during this scene where I thought a kiss would have felt very natural, even more so if initiated by Sheldon. I think the writers are testing the waters with the audience reacting to a more sexualized Sheldon and this was a brilliant way to do it.


More to come later! I can't believe I'm not going to get any sleep tonight. LOL! TO THE CHAT!!!

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OMG. I can't speak intelligently about this episode yet.

For now, I'll just say....hoo!

But really, it was so brilliant. That bedroom scene...I mean...the way it was edited was so different from the taping report, but it was AMAZING and sweet and emotional and sexy all at the same time. I need time to process this. Hoo.

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