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The Shamy Thread! (Season 6 Edition-Spoilers)


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Everyone I just had my first full on SHAMYGASM TONIGHT!! :wub:  It was amazing!   i have not yet read any other posts on here on any other thread because I want to get this out before reading what anyone else has to say so I can be totally honest and not be affected by what other people here may have already said about the Most Erotic Shamy scene we've had since the Spanking one in Fish Guts Displacement.  I have so many things I want say about what happened tonight and a whole new one shot fic brewing in my head that I need to get too, so I apologize in advance for how long this post is about to be and how CRAZY!!  I can't help it I'M JUST SO EXCITED!!!!  So I'm just going to start from the beginning.


1.  when Sheldon said "Thats my Girl" to Amy after she confessed to ruin the girls trip to Vegas and hitting TSA lady... I was thinking okay once again we're going to get typical Sheldon backhanded compliments. It was sweet that he called her "My girl." and that made me :) but I figured people might once again feel bad for Amy and that Sheldon would end up insulting her more while playing D&D, so I was very pleasantly surprised that not only did he not insult her while playing, but he was actually enjoying Howard's impressions (as was I) and cheering Amy on when she rolled the dice and helped them defeat the ogres. 


2.  When Bernadette/Penny et al brought up the Love Spell idea and that they should DO IT in  the game again typical cynic in me thought Sheldon be t he one to poo poo the idea and refuse claiming he wanted no part of that, but again writers impressed me by having not only it be Amy that didn't want to play, but having Sheldon later choose to continue the game by playing the sexually intimate part in private in his bedroom! :exclamation:   It literally made me jump off my couch that Sheldon was the one to suggest they continue it. and what made it so special was how seriously he took it just like he did the other week with his issues with closure.  That I thought was excellent continuity on the writers part to actually use Sheldon's issues with making sure to finish everything he starts to Amy's benefit here by having him insist they continue playing to finish the game right.  BRAVO!!  I could kiss the writers for this!!  They are finding more ways to use Sheldon's quirks to Amy's advantage just like with Fish Guts my other favorite Shamy episode this season.


3.  I love that Amy asked Sheldon if they will ever have an INTIMATE relationship!  I am so happy they chose to use the word "intimate" instead of sexual or physical.  Intimate means so much more in my opinion.  Intimate is emotional word and invokes a sense of closeness and affection that is way more important in a real relationship than just physical acts that may not have any emotional attachment.  It proves once and for all that Sheldon does see this as a REAL relationship because he said that its not a joke to him and that he thinks its already "extremely intimate"  BRAVO! again.  I love that Sheldon wants to be intimate with Amy not just physical with her or have a relationship purely based on science, but actually be close to her.  


4.  I'm so happy she finally straight up asked him and that he gave the most honest answer he could give. "i haven't ruled it out!"  similar to telling Penny and Leonard "Its a possibility"  but even more special because it was said directly to Amy while she was sitting on HIS BED!!  Remember earlier seasons he got mad when people came into his room "People are not allowed in my room!" he said.   Now not only can Amy enter into his room, sit on his bed without him saying anything about it, but he even had the courtesy to knock first before coming into his own room, he sat on his bed with her instead of only standing up and even touched her arm while they were on the bed!  OH MY INDEED!!!   :icon_cheesygrin:


5.  Sheldon was incredibly adorable this entire episode, almost acting like a little kid again in beginning with D&D with the guys and Howard, but I appreciate so much that when it came time to the intimate version of the game with Amy,  he acted like a MAN!!!  His voice was mature, calm, and very very SEXY!!  JIM PARSON HAS THE SEXIEST VOICE...OMG!!  I mean I always thought he sounded hilarious and adorable before, but when he was talking about kissing her back and erotically caressing her I swear I'm not joking I got a female boner  LOL    Where's his third Emmy for crying out loud!  Mayim deserves one too.


6.  I love how Mayim played Amy tonight. I love that they didn't make her act whiny or beg for affection when they were alone together.  I love when she smiled at him right after he said "Its only been three years and we're already in bed together" it was such an honest cute smile like she was totally okay with accepting that he has a different way of looking at the world than most and it was enough for her at that moment. 


But then I love even more how adorably excited she got when Sheldon started playing the game and that she literally blushes when he asks her what she going do next.   Mayim knows how to bring out all the little nuances in Amy's character and I just love how they are not making her a doormat.  No she expressed her mind tonight and told Sheldon that she wanted more without begging or getting angry throwing a fit or none of that typical over the top sitcom stuff.  No just straightforward honest feelings being expressed. 


7.  Though I must admit a part of me wanted them to actually do the things they were talking about in the game.  Like when he first said he remove her leather armor I was hoping he start taking off Amy's clothes, but now I'm glad they didn't go that far with it.  I don't think my heart could take that much intimacy just yet I almost screamed just hearing them discuss it was enough!  LOL.


8.  This episode reminded me why SHAMY is my favorite SHIP on this show because with them every little detail means so much to their relationship.  I mean from the way Sheldon knocks on the door, way he sits on just edge of the bed from way they speak to one another or how Sheldon told Leonard and Penny at the end they were fine and didn't want them to interrupt their game! THAT WAS AWESOME!!  Other TV couples just have sex cause it feels good and they love each other, but with SHAMY they don't have sex yet, but somehow it feels even better to watch and we love them even more because they take their time and make each little milestone count.


9.  Now whenever SHAMY do finally make love it won't just be having sex it will be the truly Making love and Sheldon will be able to remember what he learned along the way each little thing he'll remember what he does to her in the game, so then he can do them to her in real life some day and know for sure she'll like it because of how much she enjoyed it just playing the game.  SHELDON IS A GENIUS!!  We all know he's a perfectionist and this makes total sense playing sex in a game allows him to learn what to do and what Amy likes under the guise of it being "just a game".   I hope they play again because it will definitely get more whimsically inventive I'm sure and who knows maybe one day Sheldon will act like he did after finishing his Dominoes over  finishing a sexy game of D&D with Amy.  Incorporating games into their love life is excellent foreplay kind of like Penny wearing glasses to get Leonard all revved up, I bet if they keep playing Sheldon who already loves D&D anyway will be BEGGING AMY TO PLAY WITH HiM someday.    Its a brilliant idea once again I can't thank the writers enough for giving us SHAMY fans something special before this season ends.


10.  I originally wanted a kiss to happen in the season finale, but now that I heard Sheldon say he kissed Amy back in the game I'm satisfied.  I can't wait til next season for another real kiss between them.  But I'm definitely going to imagine that they keep playing sexy D&D together all Summer Hiatus long   ;)

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Guest DroneInTheSun

Like everyone on this thread, I'm basically dead. I watched the episode three times already, and while everything about it is perfect (holy crap the symbolism behind Raj and Lucy's kiss!!! Now that's amazing writing!!!), I'll stick to the Shamy analysis for this thread.


First, Amy. Basically, everyone who ever said that she's just interested in sex and doesn't give a crap about Sheldon as a person can literally go home. The (unseen) airport scene is proof that Amy is still as against physical contact as she was back in The Lunar Excitation or The Love Car Displacement where she told Penny not to touch her breasts. Sheldon is her exception, and she doesn't just want to sex him, she wants intimacy. So yes, it does mean sex, but it also means everything leading up to coitus, like feelings and commitment. And, well, she already has commitment in the form of the Relationship Agreement and the in case of emergency contact thing, but lately, I bet she was as unsure about Sheldon's feelings as we were with all the mean zingers. The Love Spell Potential basically proves that Sheldon does have feelings for her, and she knows it even before he suggests they go through with the roleplay, because she has this knowing smile when he tells her that he thinks what they have is extremely intimate.


Then, Sheldon. Holy crap, Sheldon! I've been mad at you lately but then you do this and I'm like "Jesus fucking Christ". He basically put himself out there because he realised that she was not feeling well at all. We know he's been working on his problem for at least six months (The Fish Guts Displacement, and, well, we know he didn't suddenly decide to try and overcome his phobia in Amy's hallway. He had thought about it before, maybe that's even why he started going down to the basement like we saw in The 43 Peculiarity) and while he did admit it to Leonard and Penny, his two best friends (no matter how much he pretends not liking Penny, we know she's probably the most important person in his life after Leonard and obviously Amy), there was no reason for him to let Amy know he was working on it before becoming effectively ready for it. Letting her know was taking the risk to make her even more eager to get him to touch her, letting her know was taking the risk to reveal himself before being ready to deal with the consequences. But he did tell her; he did tell her because his girlfriend needed to hear it. It was a completely selfless gesture on his part. The ICE contact does offer commitment, but it's mostly at Amy's expense like we saw in the tag scene in The Tangible Affection Proof, and the Relationship Agreement is there mostly to make sure everything in the relationship goes like he wants it. But this? Telling her that he wouldn't actually rule sex out before telling her he thinks what they have is extremely intimate? Completely, completely selfless. He didn't have to do it, but he did, because it made her feel better, and basically it just kills me a little.


And the way he insisted they go through with the roleplay? HOLY BLOODY CRAP. Up until that point, Amy has no way of knowing whether or not Sheldon's words are empty or if he does mean them, but when he grabs her arm, there is literally no turning back, and you can see it on her face (Mayim literally nailed this entire episode, and even more so in the bedroom scene). It's completely reminiscing of Howard's launch and the handholding. Sheldon reaches out and Amy's surprised. I don't get how people can think that Amy's trapping him in a relationship he doesn't want. He's the one calling the shots, and he's the one pushing his own limits. Because she wants him to, sure, but as much as Amy's a good neurobiologist, she doesn't have any magical powers. There's only so much she can try before it becomes solely Sheldon's own intent to go further. 


And since I mentionned the symbolism of Raj and Lucy kissing through the fence, let's please mention the symbolism of the freaking bedroom and bed. I mean, they were in his bedroom and on his bed!!! Not in the bathroom, not on his bedroom floor, they were on his freaking bed. When Amy needs to run away from their friends and to find a safe place, she doesn't lock herself in the bathroom before attempting to flee like Lucy does, she goes straight to her boyfriend's room when she knows he doesn't like people in his room. And Sheldon's not upset about it. She goes into his room and sits on his bed and brings her own germs in there and he doesn't even bat an eye. And he knows what that means, he knows how intimate it is to be on one's bed with one's girlfriend, because he does tell her "It's only been three years and we're already in bed together." and like, that's just mental, because he realises what it means and he doesn't protest against it and he even DECIDES TO GO ON WITH THE D&D SEX ON HIS FREAKING BED.


And can we please talk about the acting? HOLY FREAKING CRAP IT WAS AMAZING. It was so raw and intense and pure that I actually find myself no able to watch at them in the bedroom scene. I just look in a corner, because it's so freaking intimate it makes me feel uncomfortable to watch them, it's like I'm an intruder. I've never felt compelled to look away for that reason before, NEVER, no matter what the show or the movie.


It was such a powerful episode, both for the Shamy as a couple, obviously, but also for Sheldon and Amy as individual characters with their own issues. Hands down the best episode of the Season, and definitely up there with The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition.

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You hit the nail on the head so many times Lost.


To summarize the scene in layman's terms, this is basically what happened, if you start from Sheldon's POV that we know from 6x14 that he is working on it but is not ready because of his issues:


S: "I wouldn't rule it out"

A: "Yeah, right"

S: "No, really. I am serious"

A: *Smiles at his efforts but doesn't really believe him*

S: "Fine, I'll show you".


He tried to get the message across to her without revealing too much but he kept failing and being frustrated at the fact that she didn't seem to get it. He told her he wouldn't rule it out, and that was too subtle, she replied with sarcasm. He gets frustrated and makes the further point about finding it extremely intimate. Again, she finds it sweet but doesn't quite get it. He tries with actions, by initiating the RP, and finally Amy gets it. 


And the way he starts off confident and she's being hesitant and shy and he slowly coaxes her to be more confident and you see that confidence build in her as the game progresses was brilliant acting/writing. 

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:icon_mrgreen:  :icon_redface:  :icon_eek:  :wub:  :blush:  :D  :lol:  :my:  :question:  :exclamation:  
These are all my feels about the scene and the episode! The episode was hilarious! Howard was amazing too. Sheldon looked like he were ready to kiss Amy there, really. They could have added that in.. Maybe next season. It will be magic when it happens. 

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I've not even seen it yet, and just the couple of gifs and what y'all said is making me hyperventilate like crazy, sitting here in office.


I can't wait until you see it, Pomita.  I can't watch it again until later today, because I have to go to work and it's driving me crazy!


I agree with everything posted so far.  Last night, I just didn't have the words to express... it was so much better than I could ever have imagined.  I'm starting to wonder if they've been saving Amy all season just for this one scene.  She really blew it out of the park... and like koops said earlier, jim did so great at remaining "sheldon" but also expressing what he needed to express.


Even my husband was blown away.  I'm not sure how the finale is going to compare, after this episode.

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And, I want to add... the moment in the d&d game, when penny said they should "do it" in the game, and then bernadette cast the love spell... and everyone started going ooohhhh, and howard set up the scene (that was hilarious by the way) and then they cut to sheldon and amy on the couch, looking at each other.  Oh my goodness... that moment.  I was really wishing I wasn't spoiled right then, because could you imagine, if I didn't know that was going to happen?


I digress... I so appreciate the writers giving us these shamy moments and dedicating so much time to them in this episode.  It makes sense that they had to split big moments into two episodes now. and I'm so happy they did it right and took the time to do it right with shamy, without trying to rush it and cram too much into one episode.  The whole episode was perfect, and it may be the best one ever, in my opinion.


P.S.  Sheldon laughing so hard and... so happy!  It almost seemed strange to see him so happy while they were playing (like in the proton episode) but at the same time, it was very refreshing.  Hard to explain.

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Wow so many wonderful posts... thank you all for that...

:wub: - I have to write what I feel because I had Shamygasm this morning to...I just LOVE that episode... 

When he said "that's my girl" I was little angry at him because Amy was so sad in that moment, but those words  my girl were something sweet because he called her his girl in front of everybody... It was so sweet that later he was happy that she is with him, that whole gang are toghether 


:wub:  - That Penny's idea of sexy D&D and when  Bernie said about love spell ...first I had mixed feelings because I think Penny did not want to make fun of them, considering that in the episode with Kripke she was so excited that Sheldon is working on it... I think that the rest of the gang were curious what they will do... I understand that Amy didn't like it, and she have right to feel that way...but I thought that Sheldon will be bitching on that sexy D&D idea, that he will run away, but the way he looks at her in that moment, makes me realize he wants it to happen, but that version of sex is safer for him, at least for now. In that moment when he looks at her.. after that moment when Howard described them  and asked what they will do... he isn't scared, he  doesn't freaked out, he just looking at her with facial expression full of emotions, and he is sure of what he feels.


:wub:  - And the most amazing and the most beautiful scene for me. In his bedroom.

IMO in that whole scene in bedroom there's so much love between them, so much understanding. In their faces, and eyes. ( Jim and Mayim were just brilliant, and Emmy for them.. especially for Mayim.
First, it was so wonderful from his side that he knocked at the door, it was his bedroom and he always said that nobody enters his bedroom, and that he  knocked at the door was so respectful from his side and so lovely. When she tells him about how the rest of the group thinks, that they think it is joke, he has so serious face and so full of emotions, which said that he never thought that way about her, for him she is the most important person in a world. For him every step they took together to become so close to each other was so meaningful and so important because they are so similar to each other in so many things, so that intimate and sexy part of their relationship is important for him to, and in that scene it is so visible, that he wants it. He took huge step to admit it to her, that he want's it. For him their relationship  is so intimate, because in his life, before Amy showed up,he never thought that he will be in love, he never thought that he will think of having sex with a woman, he just needed to deal with his dragon, and Amy killed it. 
That smile on her face when he said that he doesn't rule it out is like:  yes I understand why you said it, but you just said it to cheer me more, but you never will do it, but will I love you no matter what... (oh my God I'm... just crying now...)
And then he showed to her that she is wrong and all the time he was so dominant,  and loving at the same time, like real man in love, and he showed her that he can take care of his woman, that he can be mature.
When they continue playing in that sexy D&D IMO he has so much love and desire in their faces, and some sexual  tension between them (or maybe it's just my heart and mind went too far)
I think that they give us something more than a kiss, they showed us that Sheldon is ready, to show her his love... maybe it will not be like "Romeo style", maybe it will be in "Sheldon's way" but I think that they openned door for next season and IMO there's no turning back for them... he want to do it for her. And I hope that he will be trying harder for her in s7... she deserved it, like no one.  Maybe he will not change so drasticly but I think that we will see it. I hope.


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Guest DroneInTheSun

It might be me grasping at straws, but I realised the episode probably includes a rule of three pattern in Sheldon’s reaction to change.

The rule of three is a very well known storytelling trope stating that everything goes by three. In this episode, four changes are mentioned or shown, but only three are actually enjoyed by Sheldon.

First time he states enjoying a change: Zachary Quinto as Spock.

Second time he states enjoying a change: Howard as Dungeons Master.

Now what’s the third change he liked? Definitely not the girls playing D&D, given what he says to Leonard when Amy leaves the room.

So I thought, “what else changed in this episode?” and the answer is obviously Sheldon and Amy’s relationship dynamic.

So if we’re to consider the rule of three, it means that Sheldon enjoyed the change. There is no definite proof of that as he didn’t say anything out loud, but considering who Sheldon is, it is pretty much understood. 

If it was a deliberate move on the writers’ part and not just me overanalyzing things, it means we could see more D&D coitus in the future, and definitely the Shamy on a new path together, all of that thouroughy enjoyed and encouraged by Sheldon.

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Long post ahead.
You know, I am now more curious than ever to see their first interaction in S7. Because the different level of readiness to be involved in sexual intimacy on Sheldon's part in the D&D game as compared to what he was communicating with words during THE TALK was really something that I did not foresee and it sort of throws me for a loop as to what comes next.
During the RP sex, starting from the moment he stopped her from leaving his room, I have no doubt this is a man who does want physical intimacy and has been thinking about it. The way he told her they should play out the love spell was him coming onto her, and more clearly so than I expected. The way he is kind of shyly looking at the bed and fiddling with it and hesitating with his words and his voice is trembling is totally a guy who is trying to make a move but isn't sure how it will be received. And he starts off the game being kind of detached and slowly gets more confident and his voice drops in a very sensual way. So that scene was all sexual. Probably more so than I expected.
However, it was the TALK before that came across differently than I expected. He was extremely open and honest and caring and sensitive, which was amazing. It floored me to hear him say those three sentences ("I don't think our relationship is a joke"/"Before I met you I had no interest in becoming intimate with anyone"/"For me what we have is extremely intimate"). However, the way they had Amy ask him "Do you have any interest now?" and him reply "I haven't ruled it out", seemed kind of odd. I don't know if it was deliberately because they wanted Amy to think he meant it's unlikely, and so Sheldon would have to try and convince her, or because they wanted to keep the audience guessing and not commit to something more substantial (I thought Penny's reaction in 6x14, for example, was essentially a way for the writers to say "It's a possibility" actually meant "We are going there, sooner or later", whereas there was no such confirmation here). There's still this reluctance to clearly show that Sheldon is sexually attracted to a woman, I feel.
After that, they have him make the point that he feels what they have is extremely intimate even though it may not seem so to Amy. And Amy replies "I guess I know that": does that mean that she also feels what they have is extremely intimate or that she knows it is extremely intimate for him? The way she said that "I guess I know that, it's just part of me wants more" and the way she smiled at him after the bed joke, made me kind of worried for a second that it was an acknowledgment on Amy's part that they are in different places in the relationship and that she knows what they have right now is enough for him, and that he is trying, but it won't be enough for her. Of course we know Amy grows faster than Sheldon, but the way she looked almost bittersweetly defeated and was ready to stop the conversation there and leave made me wonder: what would have happened if Sheldon hadn't initiated that role play? To me it sounded like Amy could have very well gone home and started to ponder whether their relationship is going anywhere at all, and whether it is worth continuing. And Sheldon, while more empathic and sensitive than he had been in recent episodes, would have still been old Sheldon in a way.
But then they had the RP and that changes everything.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I did not think the Sheldon who made those statements during their TALK sounded as ready to start a sexual game with her as he ended up being. Besides the fact that it requires a lot of knowledge and courage to say the things they said to each other (because the game went on beyond kissing and caressing and getting naked), I find it hard to believe that someone reluctant in the sex department would keep up a game like that for that long. We know they had been in his room for a while before L/P came to look for them and were in there for a while after that. In any case, even if they didn't go "all the way", they were playing way too long for it not to turn up the heat in the room, if you know what I mean. 
I know I'm probably jumping the gun here, because the writers themselves most likely haven't given much though about how they really want to write Shamy in S7, but it does make me wonder whether they feel they can overlook the RP or not. I think it's pretty much impossible to overlook.
Like I said, my interpretation of the whole scene is essentially a back and forth between the two with Sheldon trying to explain he wants intimacy but isn't ready for it just yet and Amy not really getting it/believing him until finally he pulls out the RP card and that does the trick. But I wonder whether others interpreted it differently.
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Thank you koops for that post. I agree with you all the way. You just describe exsactly what I feel.


When I said that he is ready, I ment that he is ready for next step, whatever it will be... but he is closer to that intimate and sexy moments more then ever. He showed her that he loves her, that he went after her,  that for him their feelings and emotions, and love is serious and  intimacy is serious to, because she is the most important person for him. 
This that he wanted finish sexy D&D was big proof that he wants it, wants her but he isn't sure how to start, maybe he is a little scared that he will not be perfect, because he is perfectionist and always he wanted to be the best in everything. 
But whole the intimacy between them and so much love and understanding is so amazing and just huge step forward for their relationship. 
IMO... but maybe I'm wrong.. after as Amy went to his room, when he said to Howard: You see what happens when you let girls play D & D?
He said it not because he was angry that Amy has ruined game, but because Howard made her feel awkward and uncomfortable, and she left, maybe Sheldon were concerned about her well being, and has worried about her. What do you think?
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Guest DroneInTheSun

Anyone noticed his face when Amy said the agent was a little handsy? It's midway between "done wrong my woman" and "she is not for you".  :icon_redface:

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 I can't stop thinking about the episode... it's been nearly 12 hours since I watched it and my feels are still coming up fast and strong and ughhh babies


I love Shamy so much, and this episode was everything I love about TBBT in one lovely package: the gang just hanging out and playing D&D, major Shamy development, Racy adorkableness, and just general perfection. "The Love Spell Potential" is easily my favorite of the season and possibly of the whole series!

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Another thing I want to add is about how Sheldon knew EXACTLY how to start their little adventure.  I like that he said "I LEAD YOU TO A SECLUDED AREA"  He could have said we go to a secluded area or you lead me, but he took the initiative to be as I said before "THE MAN!" and lead "HIS WOMAN" to this magical private place.  I like the symbolism as people have stated already that they are actually in a secluded area His bedroom on HIS BED! not hers.  


I'm glad this happened in his space and he was Leading the way so to speak it goes along with my theory that Sheldon although still very innocent and unsure about sexual matters, he already knows he wants to be the dominant one and the one in charge which of course fits his personality so well and Amy fits him perfectly cause she has no problem being the 'submissive one"  so to speak.  She already proved that back when she let him spank her, but again tonight she was very demure and shy about telling him what she was going to do to him.  And its complete opposite from how she behaves when she gets drunk and turns into a sex kitten willing to come on to him first.  i think she prefers to let him take the lead you can see it on her face both here and in Fish guts.  


Another thing I like is that he lets the dice decide what he is going to do next instead of just saying it like she was.  Shows that he is willing to give up a little bit of control to let fate step in.  That he recognizes that sometimes you can't just make up ALL The rules...sure all games have 'SOME RULES!" which they already discuss the need for some rules in the car between Amy and Bernadette going to Vegas.  Amy wants boundaries she needs them and Sheldon does too, but what's changed is he is willing to not be totally controlling and want to punish her like in Fish Guts, but being gentle and let the dice make the decision.   He did that once before in another episode let the dice choose for him all his decisions, but this time it meant so much more because he was willing to change up the rules.  When she said "Keep rolling!"  The old Sheldon would have said no we cant' do that what it says goes, but he just quietly picked up the dice and was willing to re roll for her basically symbolizing that he will not only change his own rules for her which he's done in the past, but also not complain about it like he usually does.  He's maturing and realizing its okay to take a chance, roll dice and if things don't turn out the way we won't we can just try again.  Don't have to give up or stick to hard rigid rules anymore, but be little bit more flexible.  FLEXIBILITY is huge!! 


Sheldon being dominant and her being submissive like we've seen in past is one thing cause it just shows strictness, but in Love Spell potential we see the shift from dominant and submissive, to mutual gratification and willingness from both of them to give the other what they want even if it means letting Amy changed rules up a bit.



Then part about "I kiss you back."  is important because it shows his willingness to reciprocate and the part where he says "I erotically caress you...that was good because those words he used very mature, very sexual and not silly like when he use to say stuff like "I was too busy mashing all of her desireable lady parts" LOL  now he's gone from talking about sex like a child to talking about it like an adult would using adult language and describing actually body parts "lips."  nose"  etc..     The nose part was cute because it still gave just that hint of innocence like Sheldon wasn't quite ready to say something like "your face or breasts."  He picks her nose and you can see he looks at her nose right before he looks down at the dice and says nose.  He was just making it up as he went along and still doesn't totally get what is okay to touch and how yet, but he's learning.  and Amy telling him to keep rolling let him know that okay caressing her nose doesn't work, lets try something else.  Awwwwwwwww...its just perfect these two. 



By the way my count of how many times I've watched just this one bedroom scene is now at 50.  LOL going back for 51.  See ya

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