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The Shamy Thread! (Season 6 Edition-Spoilers)


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I agree.  And I also don't think it should take place in his bedroom.  Especially if he equates sitting 2 feet apart on top of the covers as being "in bed together". :p


I've always imagined it happening on the couch in her apartment.  Or at her door as he's saying goodnight.  :)


Oh yes I would like to see their kiss when they will be sit on the couch in his apartment, or at her door.... goodnight kiss, but I don't care where he will kiss her, I just want to see it, and when he will do it, I wish that it will take her breath away. :wub: 




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Mayim's publicist just tweeted that she (the publicist) is at the CBS Upfronts, which I think must mean that Mayim is there because she usually goes where Mayim goes for events like this.   I also believe Jim is there, and likely Kaley is since I know she is also in NYC from a post she made last night.   I am so excited.  I hope pictures are posted.

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Upfronts are done each year to announce the Fall series line-up, renewal status for the press, major advertisers, etc.  It is not filmed, but often still photos are taken and tweeted by the network and/or TV guide, etc.  You can follow @CBSTweets if you wish.   I will post up any photos that may come relative to BBT if there are any.

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A SIK under one of Caltech's cafeteria tables.



Now THIS I can totally see. ;) This shouldn't be the first SIK, though.


I agree very much with the idea of Sheldon's first gesture of kissing her being inspired by affection, and perhaps admiration. That would be the nicest way, I think.


I love how we've just reached 500 pages and about to reach 10000 posts. We're the most active thread in the forum. :)

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10000!!! Congratulations Sharmy!



Btw, Mena, it would be awesome to have it as a surprise in a totally random episode!



I'm totally digging these round numbers: 10000 on 500 pages. 

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Guest DroneInTheSun



(except for koops and I, we'll just look at you guys with our koala faces.)

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