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The Shamy Thread! (Season 6 Edition-Spoilers)


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LOL what's this talk about spin-offs?? I mean, I'm all for a Shamy spin-off :p But that's about it, I don't want characters to leave the show. Adorable Majim, as always, I actually had to chuckle at the first part of the interview where Jim is talking and all of a sudden you hear Mayim saying "sharks" and then the camera pans out and it's one of those height-difference-can't-fit-you-both-in-the-frame moments. LOL.

Again, I agree, Koops.


Jim and Mayim were adorable as always.   Love how he didn't want her to have to go somewhere...so sweet!  :wub:

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I agree, Koops!


For those who have not seen it, ET had an interview about the finale (see Cast/Crew Photos thread) and there is such a cute interaction in the video clip from ET on that page where Jim turns to Mayim and says "I hope they don't send you away" (talking about Johnny going out to sea for a few months).  It is adorable.  Go check it out if you have not seen the interview.



Thanks for the interview. I just love watching interviews with our sweet pair Jim and Mayim. They are adorable and I could watch them all over again constantly. And Jim admit hat Sheldon will try to discourage Leonard form going to that trip because he will miss his buddy. So sweet. Oh I hope that Leonard will be back eventually.  It will be strange without him, and they created group of best friends, and without him is going to be as if it was missing an important element of the whole.
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It might be kind of funny if the whole group goes a little haywire without Leonard there to kind of be their social glue...


I do not think things are going to get that chaotic without Leonard because I think since s04 Penny has been functioning as the other social glue of the group and her friendship with Amy and Bernadette and their relation to the respective love-interests will keep the group connected on a certain level.

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Re: the ET interview. What does he mean by:  "You've already got your own show?"


And those two people, do they know that it's illegal to be that adorable????? 


Mayim when she was younger had her own show called "Blossom".  He was making reference to that since she was the star of that show.

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I noticed tonight that they said leonard's trip will be four months.  So, to me, it would be fitting that Leonard would still be gone when we come back for at least a few episodes.  Summer is about three months, so that would work well.

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Guest DroneInTheSun

I do wonder what they were discussing while Leonard and Bernadette chatted in the kitchen, it might of been good to have a little dialogue there


Penny was probably coaching Sheldon on his speech for Leonard, but I choose to believe Sheldon was telling Penny how much he enjoyed the D&D coitus.  :icon_mrgreen:

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Tonight's finale was good, but what would have made it GREAT!  is if SHAMY actually got to speak to each other.  I was little disappointed when Amy mentioned how she felt loved and taken in by the group like a part of family and all rest of them smiled at her that Sheldon just kept staring at his food. :icon_rolleyes:  I mean that would have been perfect moment for him to at least look over and smile at her showing he basically felt happy for her at least nonverbally.  I felt like Sheldon was a bit off tonight.  I mean I'm use to him acting like a big kid thats funny to me, but what was weird to me for some reason was how he just kind of let Leonard go without having a major breakdown. I mean I was almost sure at beginning of episode when Sheldon was in car trying to convince Leonard he shouldn't go because he might drown or get eaten by a shark that he was going to try much harder to keep Leonard from leaving, use the roommate agreement on him or try to blackmail him into it.  I mean I know I should be happy that Sheldon was acting mature enough to let Leonard leave and give that speech, but the speech was obviously fake he didn't mean what he said he just said it cause Penny told him too and I felt like that was very disingenous.


Also, was it just me or did anyone see where it look like Sheldon or maybe possibly even JIM for first time ever Broke character by cracking up in the background while talking to Penny and Amy.  It was during party Leonard was talking to Bernadette and you can see Sheldon in background laughing like a normal type laugh/smile at something Penny is saying.  He doesn't do things like that often or ever really so I of course noticed it. :icon_eek:   I also thought it was little bit annoying that Sheldon got to have individual scenes with Leonard and Penny, but not one with Amy. 


I mean, Why wouldnt the rest of the gang not want to see Leonard off at airport as well?  they wanted to throw him a party, but if Sheldon could come to airport to see Leonard off they should have been able to come too.  It would have been sweeter if everyone came to say goodbye and give Leonard hugs or instead just have that scene be only Leonard and Penny alone so that moment could be special for just them.  Sheldon in backseat being silly just took away from the moment they were having for the sake of cheap joke that weren't all that funny really.   I expect more from Sheldon.  Why wouldn't Sheldon talk to Amy about Leonard?   I would think he'd want to make sure that she realized now its her responsiblity to drive him around since Leonard won't be around, it shouldn't be just Penny's job to look after Sheldon while Leonard is away it should be Amy's too.  She is his girlfriend and its in their agreement and plus she's one who wants to do it more than Penny would. 


Penny just treats him like a whiny child who she can just leave in the backseat of her car with window cracked. I mean don't get me wrong I like their relationship and think its adorable that she treats Sheldon like a child sometimes, but I would rather have seen Amy consoling grumpy Sheldon instead after he found out Leonard was leaving instead of having Penny do it.  I don't know maybe I'm just so into SHAMY so much that i get a little sad when there's an episode that doesn't feature any good scenes with them alone together or sharing any adorable funny dialogue at all either, especially since this was the FINALE it just seems like after last season's totally AWESOME finale with the first handhold ever that something cute and funny should have happened between them in this one too even if it was just a nice discussion about Leonard leaving that still would have been better than nothing.


But, I can't complain too much overall I'm happy RAJ can speak and that Penny said I love you to Leonard.  I still love LENNY too, and I know the whole show doesn't just revolve around SHAMY i'm not that bad of a shipper....yet LOL  so I'm happy for Leonard regardless he finally gets to do what he loves and know he has a girl and his friends that love him to come back too.  Also, I'm very much looking forward to next season I hope we get 24 episodes again we need it since each episode is so short. I think maybe that was my problem with it just felt bit rushed for finale. I'm more use to hour long sometimes two hour long season finales for the shows I watch not what 24min ones.  *sigh*   Feels like too much cool interesting stuff was skipped over tonight in favor for silly laughs instead of season finale type EPICNESS if you know what I mean.

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Glad to see I'm not the only one pausing at that moment in the episode. LOL. :p


Good episode, but rather underwhelming for a finale, IMO, it seemed a bit rushed. I liked the Raj storyline better. Man, they REALLY made an effort not to get Shamy to interact at all. I also didn't get the whole "Fine, I'll meet her!" line by Sheldon.  


And yes, Jim totally broke character at the back during the party, lol. But then again, I doubt those background interactions are scripted, so..

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I was going to say, given all the jokes about Amy cutting Raj's brain open and the bonding they've had this season, I'd really like it if it turned out Raj can only speak to the 3 girls sober and agrees to have Amy help him out. They'd have a cute odd friendship, and it would be a great way to get Sheldon to start being possessive because she's spending time with Raj to cure him and push things along for Shamy. I don't mean possessive in a romantic jealousy way like with Stuart, but simply that Amy might not even realize she's neglecting him because she's so excited and obsessed about the project with Raj and Sheldon gets upset but is too proud to admit he misses her. It might be a nice way to do the whole "going away" scenario without Amy actually going away. 

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