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The Shamy Thread! (Season 6 Edition-Spoilers)


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rachygd, I personally like the most the Golden Globes all though this year's awards show was odd.  The winners were rather all over the place and not who anyone would have predicted.   The SAG
awards have been clearly not in favor of BBT and while the Oscars are popular, they don't include TV so to me are not as fun as the Golden Globes.

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I was thinking about the show, and Shamy. I came up with a mental picture captioned "One second after Sheldon says 'YES'."

It's a cloud of women's (Amy's ) clothes suspended in mid air and Sheldon's shoes and socks (socks still upright) without Sheldon in them. With Amy's bedroom in the backrgound.

Just made me laugh, because you know if he said yes she'd be all over him, and if she had any warning she'd be popping fertility drugs like tic-tac's (she could be doing that now, just in case).

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LOL! That's hilarious. 


Although I have a feeling she'll freak out when he says yes, I think she's all talk but when it actually comes down to it she'll be a nervous wreck.



Anyhow, am I the only one who keeps replaying Penny's reaction over and over and over? It's so freaking hilarious, it's even funnier than I imagined it after reading the report. 

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