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The Shamy Thread! (Season 6 Edition-Spoilers)


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I have 2 hours free midday so I can log 100 or so votes.

Next....Sheldon's dichotomy :

'I'm in Hell.....Don't stop'

'I feel like a Boa Constrictor is crushing me......Why did you stop?'

I am loving the torture he's in. More please!



I love that too. Examples of him pretending like he doesn't enjoy something when he SOOOO DOES! LOL. What ELSE is Sheldon pretending he isn't enjoying?

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Yeah, unfortunately, it's like beating a dead horse with some people. They don't like the idea of Sheldon and Amy together so they'll make up every excuse in the book that says they just don't work or Amy is not "content". Bull shit. LOL.


Yes, that is exactly what they are like! There is a member (I shall not: name names) that likes to Deny the Shamy in the The Entire Premise Is Changing, Not Sure How To Feel thread and they are driving me completely INSANE! When somebody points out the evidence they insist that "Amy and Sheldon are not boyfriend & girlfriend they are only friends". Uh, WHAT?!?! So when Sheldon asked Amy out in The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition it was what exactly? An accident? A joke? Uh, a nightmare? Yes. that must be it! After all that is what the Breadcrumb Eaters do...

On another note: (From earlier in the Thread) Perhaps after next week we could do a two a week Shamy Chat. Wednesday @ 6pm PST to talk about the promo for the upcoming Thursday episode and Friday @ noon PST to talk about the episode that just aired the night before. This would give everybody the chance to attend at least one Chat and also give people a chance to Chat once a week.


Essentially the Wednesday Chat is for those in the US and the Friday Chat is for those around the world in various Time Zones. Here is another thought though: What about doing Both chats on Friday? But of course have the two different times for everybody. This way no matter what you will find somebody in the Chat.


First let us try the every other week and see how busy it is and if the members feel the need to add a weekly chat for everybody. I'll be at both and Report back how Busy the Chat was and ask the people who attended if they want to have a Chat once a week or if every other week is good for them. The real problem with keeping it to every other week is people forgetting if it is their week or not and showing up to a Chat that has already occurred or won't until later that evening.


So what do the Shamy Members want to do? Keep this Friday & next Friday with the alternating times and try out having both chats on the 15th --- one at noon PST and the other at 6pm PST or keep the next two Friday's and then start another midweek chat on Wednesday?


For myself I envision these chats to be brisk and full of banter. We could also be generous and help to organize weekly chats for some of the other Pairings or just for a single character.


And lastly: I have a question for the members: Has it been okay that I have been suggesting such things? This as well as the Character Specific sections. I don't want people to be unhappy with the way things have been since I joined up.

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Well, I say it couldn't hurt to have chats two days a week so that it'll give everyone a chance to get involved :). Perhaps, so there's less confusing, we can even have a designated thread for chat times so that everyone is aware? Just a thought.


I'm off of work Tuesdays and Wednesdays....otherwise I'm available after 4 every day when I get off work :).

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wow, so much reading to catch up with after not being in the Shamy thread for two days. 


Can't wait to see the next episode. Feels like ages since the last one aired. I am totally under-shamyed. Or under big-banged.....  under-banged would not be appropriate I assume....


Just found out that during my trip to California, I will be in Las Vegas when the Emmys take place (22. Sept). This freaks me out pretty much, but driving from Vegas to LA in order to line up with thousand people at a red carpet to get a glimpse of Jim or Mayim is a bit crazy!  


Keeping fingers crossed for the evtl. taping on Oct 2nd!!!!!!!!

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hey guys! :-) my name is elli, i'm a 16-year old shamyshipper from germany :-D  

i've been reading this thread for a long time now but i've never written any comment in it. i just wanted to say that i REALLY love you for posting spoilers and taping reports or analysing shamy moments!!! i really dont know what i would do without this thread? o.o

okei enough for now ;-D


PS: long live the shamy!!!! <3 <3

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bigbangsheldon, your sig is killing me. I keep thinking of two adorable kids cuddling and comforting each other. :wub:


Krys - I love the sleepy cat!


Speaking of sleepiness, it's 5 am. Off to bed, and hoping to dream of innocent cuddles..

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1) Keep voting on that poll, we're losing ground and I need to go to sleep. LOL.


2) I just saw Mayim's interview on the Houston morning show and I thought it was interesting what she said about the Shamy, which is pretty much what we were saying earlier. That TPTB are trying to see how much they can keep Sheldon Sheldon while pushing the envelope in the relationship. This is what February sweeps seems to be about. Now the question is whether there'll be any change in May sweeps or whether they are going to maintain the status quo. There's two outcomes that to me are pretty clear out of these 3 eps: either you have Sheldon give a little, or you have the relationship give a little. But something's gotta give at this stage.

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I'm just getting ready to enjoy February sweeps, so I'm not thinking about May sweeps just yet.
Last year after we got TSTM, TVS, TWV we thought Shamy needed a little something extra and we got TLA and the emotional hand hold.
So at this point, I'm willing to just lay back and enjoy the next three to four weeks before I start thinking about that tbh.
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Don't Ban yourself. Come back, come back, come back! :icon_twisted:


Thank you for the sentiment.  :shy:   I'm a part-time Ph.D. student (in math education) in addition to my full-time job (teaching college math) so occasionally I have to stop procrastinating and get some crap done.  I've been teaching at the university level for several years without a doctorate, so I'm very much like Howard that way.  Today I had just one class to teach but a boatload of reading to do plus a short paper.


Thursday is coming soon!  Can't wait. 

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