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Thought I'd Give It A Try


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So i am currently working on a fic for L/P since they're my favorite ship :) and am always looking for feedback.  Its my first TBBT fic and only number 3 that i've really sat down to write.  ( i think about a lot of them all the time haha)  


Its a bit unorthadox i think and kind of on the extreme side of things but isn't that the beauty of fan fic?  Anything can happen!!!





Any who, read, don't read, it doesn't matter just thought I'd share :)

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This is very good. I can't wait for another chapter. Leonard loves Penny so much it is easy to see him willing to die for her. It is interesting how she deals with it, knowing that no man will ever love her as much as Leonard.

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I think I read your story before I got active here. In passing I liked penny's internal monologue about flip flops in the toilet. Very real.

Trivia. In Oz they call them thongs. One bloke can say to another, "Mate, I left my thong in your ute". Germans don't get it at all.

I'm going back to your story now for more...

...And I very much enjoyed it. Suspended my disbelief.

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