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Mayim On Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show

Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

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Fun interview.  Craig always gets people to have fun on his show. WHAT is Sheldon wearing? He looks normal, I'm confused.


I mentioned why in the 6.10 thread, if you want to read it. It's not a spoiler, really has nothing to do with the storyline overall.


Sheldon and Amy are supposed to go to a funeral, but Amy is too sick to go. So Sheldon shows up and he just happens to be dressed for it.

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Liar? Craig? Do I sense hate towards Mayim too?

I didn't understand that either, jeanalice. :icon_rolleyes: 


To the interview: I didn't see one of the Craig's Shows yet. And it was a great surprise, bc I didn't expect him to be so hilarious. :lol:  Mayim... is soooo gorgeous! It's a real pleasure to keep watching how she talks and her body-language. I think, it's very bequem talking with her. Oh, I wish I could.  :wub:

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I was a little disappointed in craig's interviewing overall.  I know he's supposed to act crazy, but asking mayim if she had sex with other cast members was a little over the top.  And he spent way too much time talking about the vegan thing, and seemed to put it down too much (I know he was just joking but enough is enough)


Mayim did look great -- craig seemed to be looking her up and down in the start of the interview.

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Mayim looked beautiful. Gorgeous

To the haters. I'd love to see y'all's real pics.

We are all not supermodels

I'd rather be smart as Mayim than be a dumb supermodel.


I honestly do not understand how anyone in their right mind can say she is not just breathtaking in this interview.  :icon_eek:

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Love Craig but wow....kind of a waste of interviewing time. If you're gonna have people on your show, even if for a few minutes, then make it worth while. It was still fun to watch though. She looked lovely as always.




Not his best interview segment, that's for sure. It was a nice 8 minutes but 6 of them were about being vegan. :p

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