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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

Sara, Johnny & Mayim

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

So, I found this Rosseanne interview to Sara Gilbert and she mentions she met Johnny (and developed a crush on him) on the set of Blossom (in which, of couse, Mayim starred), and I just love it!


It really made The Lunar Excitation get even more meaningful today. To think that SO many years later, the 3 of them were on the same TBBT episode is really, really cool.



R: |Laughs| And then, um, then um we got Johnny Galecki to play your boyfriend on the show, I didn't know but when we cast him, you know after he came on, tell that story Sara.
S: OK. Ah...
R: |Laughs|
S: |Laughs| Well basically I went to go visit a friend who was working on, ah, the set of the show Blossom...
R: Yeah...
S: And I met this really cute guy there whose name is Johnny and he is an actor who is living in L.A and who was like 15 and he rode a motorcycles and played the bass and I thought he was like this really rebellious kkind aguy, and, and so I kkind afound out all about him and a while later I was talking to you, and, and, you said that you were making a show, some kind of TV movie or something...
R: Yeah...
S: With this kid who was playing your son and his name was Johnny and I was like "oh my god is it Johnny Galecki" and you were like "it is Johnny Galecki" and I was like "oh my god he is so cute, his the cutest. I have to meet him" So I think you kind of set us up at one of your weddings or whatever...
|Laughter by everyone on stage and the audience for about 10 seconds|
S: And ah...
|More laughter still|
S: |Laughs| and we talked a little bit there...
R: Yeah...
S: And ah, and then he ended up being on the show and we dated for, for ah, a split second, a teenage kkind adating thing and then...


source: http://www.saragilbert.net/_interview_roseanne.php

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