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This has been on my mind a lot recently and I just kinda wanted to share my thoughts with everyone to see what you think.


In the episdoe where Sheldon can't get a hair cut and goes into hippy mode playing bongo drums and not caring about the rules anymore, why did he hesitate so much before he finally let Penny cut his hair? He snubbed the roomate agreement, didn't care if people sat in his spot anymore, and was being a bad boy who didn't respond to the controlled, organized world he created. Wandering around with bongo drums he ends up at Amy's house. Why did he sleep on the couch? If he was being such a rebel, why didn't he crawl into bed with Amy? Then when they all finally ganged up on him and told him Penny could cut his hair for him-- he said penny did not have the credentials needed to cut his hair.. seems like something of a contradiction. All of the sudden he cared about structure again? What happened to his chaotic persona for that time? You'd figure such a free spirit would let anybody cut his hair--even if it was just some random pedestrian on the street. It's a paradox.



What say you?

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My problem is that sheldons hair has changed a lot over the past five years.

And yet he says he has had the same haircut every time.


Now, if the haircut is always the same, then how come his haircut has changed.


Bit of an oversight there from the writers I think!

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Good point Sherm, the hair should be identical.


@ epicdelusion

Yeah he wasn't very wild, was he? He thought he was being totally crazy just changing his pajama routine. I think if Leonard had come out of his room to find Sheldon had been drinking and was playing the bongos, then he went and had sex with Amy the episode might have made it's point better. But maybe they were trying to show that no matter how crazy things get, Sheldon can never really be that different.


You are right about him not letting Penny cut is hair right away, it doesn't fit. Because it would have solved his problem instantly. But maybe when 'nothing bad happened' he wanted to find out more. It was the perfect excuse to break some of his own rules and still feel safe. Playing bongos and walking round to Amy's in his dressing gown, wearing the wrong pajamas was probably the most excited thing he'd done in years.

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