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New Species Of Tropical Bee Named After Big Bang Theory Character's Tv Catchphrase


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Did not see this posted elsewehere yet ;)


I think this is very cool!!


Brazilian biologist Andre Nemesio named the new species of bee after 'nerdy' character Sheldon Cooper's favorite word

Big Bang Theory physicist Sheldon Cooper's favorite buzzword has a new claim to fame. The geeky TV character has had a species of bee named after his favorite catch phrase - Bazinga!

On the TV show Cooper, who counts Stephen Hawking as his online friend, uses the word to signal that he's just pulled a practical joke on somebody else.

Brazilian biologist Andre Nemesio said he named the species of Brazilian orchid bee Euglossa bazinga in honor of 'the clever, funny, nerd character Sheldon Cooper,' because the bee had tricked scientists for some time with its similarity to other species.

Nemesio published his paper last month in Zootaxa, a journal for worldwide zoological taxonomists. He works at the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia in Brazil.

Steven Molaro, one of the executive producers of The Big Bang Theory said on Wednesday that the CBS comedy is 'always extremely flattered when the science community embraces our show'.

He said: 'Sheldon would be honored to know that Euglossa bazinga was inspired by him. In fact, after ''Mothra'' and griffins, bees are his third-favorite flying creatures.'

The Big Bang Theory is a comedy about a group of brilliant but socially awkward scientists.

It is one of the most popular comedies on U.S. television, attracting about 18 million viewers an episode

Rest of the article to be found here:




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