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Valentines Episode - What Do You Want To See?


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I would like them to do an episode that sort of relationship centered and not messed up to get laughs.  I want it to end with all the couples happy.  Plus I want Raj to have a girl for Valentines.  Oh what the hell, Stuart having a girl wouldn't be too bad either.  Maybe Raj and Stuart could go out with twins.

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I agree. The only problem I see is that there are 22 minutes to split between 4-5 possible couples. I don't know how they'd deal with that, if they do have an episode about all of them then there wouldn't be much meaningful interaction for any of them.


To be honest, as much as I'd love your scenario, given the things happening this season, I'd rather they had 2 subplots, one for Lenny and one for Shamy and that's it. They're the couples who are going through the most development at the moment. Howardette are pretty stagnant at the moment, and I like them that way, I don't know that there's anything interesting to do with them right now. And as much as I like the idea of Raj developing a bit, it'd be kind of random to have him talk to a girl suddenly and I don't think it would lead to any further development if it's done just as a one-off for V-day. 

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Twins. lol :)

V day. Hmmm.

Yes to V day, with everyone's boots on.

Being thick I have only noticed one themed V day ep - the Swiss one, where Raj got lucky. I must have V day blindness. Which is funny because its the birthday of someone close.

I thought i knew the show, but can what count do they come at? Ep 15 or 16 say? To clarify, we never get US shows broadcast at the right time. Patty Duke used have Christmas in July all the time.

And, I want Leonard to move across the hall. If they cant do that maybe we can see him use a key she gives him to open her door. It would be a neat Valentimes Day gift from her to him and very symbolic. He could have a brief moment where he says " allow me" and he makes a show of pulling out the key she has given him and opening the door for her.

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Raj finally finding a cure for his selective mutism around women.

Lose the alcohol crutch, writers... just let Raj speak.

6 seasons is enough... we can deal with it, let it happen.

You know, I have no evidence for the following, it's just a feeling I have. With the development of Lenny and the hinted at development of Shamy, I just feel that sometime in the May sweeps that the writers will find something that takes care of Raj's mutism problem. This will be developed in season seven(not exclusively, but gradually. Like I said, nothing concrete, just some thinking.
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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

The problem with the subplots number could be fixed if they go double dating, for example. Lenny & Shamy on one end, and Howard/Bernadette with Raj and a girl they could fix him up with.

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The problem with the subplots number could be fixed if they go double dating, for example. Lenny & Shamy on one end, and Howard/Bernadette with Raj and a girl they could fix him up with.
That is true, if they paired them up that would only be two subplots, or they could have them do something all together in the end. H/B getting Raj a blind date is great. It could be one of the waitresses at the Cheesecake Factory who broke up recently and wants someone for Valentines day. Since she would be emotionally vulnerable and Raj is nice but always horny, they could hit it off. A great last scene would jumping to each of the couples, in bed, saying something romantic and funny to each other then kissing, of course this would not include Amy or Sheldon. I think for Amy and Sheldon, they could show a closeup shot of him watching TV in his spot and then pan back and you see Amy asleep with his arm around her or with her sleeping in his lap and him touching her hair. OK, that is my mush limit for today.
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I think I'd rather see everyone make some kind of romantic plans for a V-day date night and everyone's plans go somewhat awry, so that they all end up together, maybe at some cheesy diner, but they all end up happy because they're with their SO.


Except Raj--maybe he could hit it off with a waitress at the diner.


Okay, so Howard wants to take Bernadette to a fancy restaurant, but on the way there he gets a flat tire and by the time he fixes it (or waits for AAA) they are too late and miss their reservation.  The restaurant is packed, so they can't get a table and decide to try somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny are going to have a romantic dinner at her apartment, but they start making out on the couch and the dinner burns, so they decide to try to find a restaurant for dinner.

Sheldon and Amy plan to go to the Cheesecake Factory (since Sheldon is familiar with the menu), but on the way there, Amy's car breaks down.


Raj is planning to stay home and watch Bridget Jones's Diary.


So, when Amy's car breaks down, Sheldon calls Leonard, who comes to pick them up and they agree to try to double-date for dinner.


Howard calls Raj to try to remember the name of some restaurant Raj had mentioned, but Raj just bursts into tears, so H&B feel sorry for him and come by to pick him up for dinner.


Then it starts pouring, so both cars happen to duck into the first place they see that doesn't have a packed parking lot--and they all end up at a kitschy 50s-style diner, sopping wet.


They push some tables together and all sit down, just happy to be all together with their loved ones, and then the waitress starts to flirt with Raj because he's the only one not with a date.  He's already had a beer at home, so he's able to talk to her and they hit it off and when her shift ends, she joins them all at the table.


The end. :)

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Raj finally finding a cure for his selective mutism around women. Lose the alcohol crutch, writers... just let Raj speak. 6 seasons is enough... we can deal with it, let it happen.
Although when he speaks sober he says much the same things as when drunk. As per his comment about Alex in the cafeteria. Yes we can deal with it but can any character he meets? He was able to filter himself when signing. Maybe it's a Little Hans thing. He could have been at his Dads work and been scared by a horse. Anyway, once he speaks he could spend more time with Genene. However that's a romantic dead end. Idk maybe he can have a relationship with someone else's therapist. :) or with a random sober stranger, but safely, yeah. his problem can't magically disappear can it?
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Either of one of the following three


1) a Howard/Bernadette Valentine's date night that goes from bad to worse when Dr. Schneider (and is Howard's mom still seeing him?) and Howard's mom are also at the same restaurant to make it embarrassing for Howard.

2) Raj and Stuart trying to snag Valentine's dates and are turned down because women think they are a gay couple.

3) (I know this is very similar to WeBuiltThePyramids' Christmas fanfic "The Holiday Employment Solution") Penny having to work the evening shift on Valentine's Day and Leonard piloting a way for her to be able to celebrate with him.

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Lets see. for V-Day epi


I really want Sheldon to finally KISS Amy on the lips first and bring her a really cute meaningful gift either more jewelry or a Comic Book he drew up himself of her as a Superhero coming to rescue him from an evil Santa Claus and his ugly ogre wife and then have the Santa Claus and ogre wife bare a slight resemblance to Leonard and Penny or Howard and Bernadette lol  even cuter if Amy tries to get Sheldon to go with her on a romantic getaway weekend and they have to share a hotel room.



I want Penny to say 'I love you' to Leonard again only this time I want her to say it really thoughtful and meaningful  sweet way and not while they were fighting or when she's annoyed by him.  It would also be cute if Leonard found another way to serenade Penny or take her out dancing to a night club..watching him dance is just too funny.   I'd like to see them do a romantic waltz too.  


I want Raj and Stuart to go to Reno or Altlantic City...aka the poor man's Vegas for Valentine's day and try to pick up girls.  Even better if they both actually meet two girls that are Not prostitutes and actually get some.


Howard and Bernadette I want to spend whole episode fighting because Howard forgot it was V-day and instead planned to spend whole day with his mother without telling Bernie.  Bernie is really pissed and tells her dad and Mike is ready to go off on Howard for ignoring his little girl and making her cry until he realizes that he also forgot to buy his  own wife a present so now she throws him out of house too.  So Howard and Mike have to spend the last part of episode finally making it up to wives, but doing something super duper romantic and sweet.   Oh and Howard can give one of his sad speeches about how V-day is really tough time for his mom cause thats day his father walked out on her and left her all alone and she ate an entire box of chocolates and whole gallon of ice cream and start gaining weight immediately after that.  His sad story will help Bernie to forgive him for forgetting to pay attention to her on this most sappiest of all greeting card company holidays. 


Either that or I like to see guys send girls away (including Raj) to a four palms beach resort in desert so they can relax for whole weekend and get massages from sexy gay guys named Thor and Trevor then while "the girls" are gone,  Howard, Sheldon, Leonard and Stuart all try to watch a bunch of super sappy romantic girly movies or read erotic literature romance novels which they all claim to hate, but want to try to understand why the girls like watching and reading them so much and then by end they are all crying and holding each other and loving it and their periods synchronize. :lol:

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