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70Th Annual Golden Globe Coverage


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This is in NO way advertising or promoting, but I do own a Kaley fansite & I will be adding photos to the gallery of her Golden Globe appearances. Feel free to visit the gallery, if you just want to see some previews, just stay on the forum. For full photos visit the gallery here.


Jim Parsons lost in his category. :( I am disappointed. Fingers are crossed for TBBT cast & crew tonight. 



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Girls is an HBO series. I've never seen it.
It could be looked at, i guess, as a working class Sex in the City. I've seen it(my daughter is a fan of it) and its a pretty good show. The woman who was accepting the awards created it, produces it, and stars in it.
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The cast must of been gutted! I do wonder though because even getting nominated must mean that you are doing something right

Next year, this may not be a popular opinion here but I was surprised they got nominated, Season 5 was not that great for the most part IMHO.  But Season 6 is looking good.

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