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The Sag Awards 2013


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I hope they will win. Jim and whole cast and crew deserved to win. I was so angry about the golden globes, that they did  not get an award :icon_mad: . I hope this time they do.






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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

that day is my sister's birthday but I think I will be home in time for the ceremony. I'm recording it anyway so I will surely see it though.

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Yeah, I think I saw some online thing about the SAGs and it had a seating chart for all the tables and showed TBBT being right up front.

I can't imagine it means that they're expected to win, though, because no one is supposed to know ahead of time. I imagine that it is because of the show's popularity and the fact that the cast is nominated as an ensemble. It wouldn't do to have the nominated cast of the Number One Comedy sitting in the back, now would it? :D

I do hope they all win!

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I saw the seating chart, the cast of TBBT is right at the front. I hope Jim wins!!! And the show as well. I would love to see them take an award. Fingers crossed. I'll be posting photos throughout the event.

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