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Sheldon Cooper


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Jim Shedlon Jim Sheldon Jim Sheldon. He is the reason I started watching this show.


I had seen little bits when it was on, but not really taken that much notice. Then one day Sheldon was standing there and he said something to Leonard. It was factual, deadpan and magnificently delivered and from that moment I was hooked!

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I believe tptb have been more focused on his development than any other character.  I think when they debuted the show that the focus was going to be on Leonard's character but as the popularity of Sheldon grew the attention shifted.  Now they seem to be equaling the storylines to balance the show more.

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I love Sheldon's double-takes (Jim has a whole variety of them at his disposal ;) ) and I love the way he reacts when he suddenly realizes that someone is talking about sex--that "Oh...OH!" thing. :D


That "Oh... OH!" things kills. me. every. time.


I actually had one of those last week, but it was about drugs, not sex. LOL. 

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