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6.15 The Spoiler Alert Segmentation (Feb. 7)


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  Sitcoms seem to me like televised "Bazooka Joe" comics, short and to the point, lacking in any sense of continuity. I also had to laugh at someone else's comment about sitcoms ignoring summer, I always wondered why they always feel they have to mirror real time, such as matching the seasons or having holiday specific episodes. This makes less sense to me now, with the prevalence of blue ray discs, Youtube et al, and nightly back to back episodes in eternal syndication on TBS and other stations.

  I see no reason why an obviously fictional medium like the sitcom needs to adhere to the old "one season is one year" formula, though I have no idea where to begin with "The Simpsons". Even if every season were one season on that show, that would have to make Bart 125 years old, conservative estimate? Anywho, back to BBT, when you're filming indoors anyway, how hard is it to film a "summer" episode even if it isn't really? You just change the character's clothes. Maybe in the case of BBT, the writers don't know what to do with the guys while their school work- place is closed, they could go to different places (set dressing) or have no set routines and maybe meet differnt people (more actors!).

  I would just like to see BBT try something new once and a while, and not always do every story movement in a one- off way that MUST reset/ resolve itself by the end of a given episode. I believe this story could have been resolved over three very amusing episodes, and they could have had some new angles for jokes and character moments, and let things return to homeo- stasis in a more natural way. I think Leonard needs to break Sheldon of this idea of needing a roomate agreement for every little thing, while maybe Amy would be ok with her GF agreement or somethiing. Leonard could make one of his stirring speeches about how the Golden Rule could cover most of it, or how friends don't need a contract to do "solids" for each other. But it would take more than one 22 minute episode divided betwixt this and Raj re-enacting Flowers in The Attic with Mrs. Wolowitzc to slow- walk Sheldon to said epiphany.

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