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6.15 The Spoiler Alert Segmentation (Feb. 7)


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Grade A: Another great episode tonight dealt with the possibilities of Sheldon and Amy and Leonard and Penny living together as couples, the Raj scenes with Mrs. Wolowitz were hilarious, and of course Leonard being spoiled by both Sheldon and Penny of what happens in the last two "Harry Potter" books.

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I loved this episode!  My family was laughing the entire time!


My favorite parts --


--when Amy told off Sheldon (she was awesome in this episode)


--the end when Leonard and Sheldon reconciled


-- Raj on howard's cell phone asking about the bath!


And we got see Mrs. Wolowitz!!  (some of her, anyway!)


Everyone was in character and funny... and Sheldon was being very Sheldon.  Loved it.

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Loved it!! :D

I loved Sheldon trying so hard to come up with something to say, "Ummm..."

I loved Amy's voicemail message, too. :p

I also loved Amy's blow-up. It actually came off as more funny than angry, which was good. I was afraid it would get ugly or painful, but I think the actors struck just the right tone of exasperation and frustration without being completely angry or hurt too deeply.

I need to rewatch it again! :D

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So this only just came on here, and I like the setup, but I immediately wondered about the "spoiler alert" - how it was possible that while Leonard hasn't read the books, he didn't see the movies? With Sheldon for his roommate?!

I think Leonard saw the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone movie in "The Toast Derivation" as for the other movies I think Leonard has not seen them

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