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Science Of Superheroes Book

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I'm writing a book that uses superheroes to explore science (if you're interested, pre-order it through my Kickstarter project: http://kck.st/Ujc1i7).
The book is aimed at people who wouldn't necessarily read comics or a popular science book. And as someone who watches TBBT, I think there's overlap between my target audience and fans of the show, which is why I wanted to post a link to the book on this forum.
But while thinking about how to spread the word about my book, I also realised that you guys might also be able to help me angle it toward the readers I'm hoping to attract. TBBT is a popular series (20m viewers in the US alone) but I suspect people mainly watch it because it's a funny sitcom and the characters are likeable. So here's my question for fans who aren't interested in science:
What would grab your attention and make you want to read a popular science book?
So for example, my book will include a lot of 'human interest' stuff, such as describing what scientists are like as people - not just their research and results (I'm a biologist by training and a journalist by inclination, so I tend to look at science from both inside and out).
If you've got any other thoughts or queries, please don't hesitate to ask!

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