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Sag Awards 2013 Coverage


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Jim's suit was really nice--not too dressy and not too casual.  I like the black accents on the gray and that vest really accented his long body.  I liked it a bit better on him than the double-breasted suit he wore to the Globes.  Although that suit was very pretty and looked good in the close-ups, it looked odd in the photos where you could see his whole body, especially in a couple of photos where he was with Todd and Todd's deeper cut coat made him look longer in the body than Jim.


I'm wondering if Jim is a bit of a clothes horse for these award shows--it seems like we never see him in the same suit twice, and I don't think any of his suits are the basic-looking tux. :)


Johnny, Johnny, Johnny...  I think he needs to have someone dress him.  I do think he's a casual-dressing person, based on some photos I've seen, but, still, he needs to straighten up a bit for these things.  I saw one photo of him from a previous show--maybe the Emmys?--where it looked like his suit was one size too small, and then at the GG's he made the "Miss" list on one "Hit or Miss" list, and now this messy look.  Would it kill him to tighten his tie?  And I couldn't tell if his hair was wet or greasy...

He's a good-looking guy.  I don't know why he wants to look rumpled...


I don't think I've seen any pictures of Melissa, but I did like Mayim and Kaley's looks.  I don't really hate Kaley's hair, but it does look kind of severe and overly straightened--and like a wig.  But otherwise, I think she looks great.


I barely saw a glimpse of Kunal at the table after they lost and I didn't see Simon at all, but I haven't looked at that many SAG photos.


Jim has a men's stylist now.,  I did apply for the job but probably the fact that I have no qualifications and would want to keep taking inside leg measurements went against me. No but seriously he has a stylist who would work with him on the "big events" because I think Jim is, how can I say this nicely, careful with his money and they probably charge an arm and an (inside) leg for their services.

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