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That was fun, seeing Jim in another type of performance, etc..

Of course SNL isn't perfect, but the episode was funny enough and Jimmy did a great job. He was cute, charming and seemed like a good sport. I loved his little comment about "that other show I'm going back to tomorrow". :)

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I loved his monologue. The singing was an unexpected treat. Glad he slipped in that obligatory, "Bazinga!" at the end haha. I also loved the Peter Pan skit. But my personal fave was the "Simply Dudley Oversexed Nutball" skit lmao.

Edit: I love how even on SNL we got to see him drop his pants. ;)

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*Loved* his monologue, but have to say I was dissappointed with the show, which I was kind of expecting. SNL hasn't been funny for a while now... I did kind of like the "Killer" and "12 Years a Slave Audition" sketches though. The writers could have done so much more with Jim! Beck was awesome and because of my childhood I always love Kenan. :p

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People of the SNL Facebook page are saying they did not like tonight. Not that they didn't like Jim but the writing. One woman says Jim looked disappointed.

Yeah, I've been a fan of SNL for a couple years and the writing definitely isn't the same now that Seth Meyers has left.

But Jim's adorableness still made me happy. :)

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I agree that they wasted his talent. Could have been so many fun things to do. But im glad we got to see him sing and speak with an accent! Loved that.

Im not too surpriced that they didn't bring up tbbt as it belongs to cbs and they prob couldn't because of legal reasons

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Ahh they wasted his talent in my opinion. But he was still adorable and funny. I'm disappoint there was no TBBT skit or that he didn't mess up hahah.

I completely agree. The writing was pretty bad on this one and what gets me is they had plenty of time to have good writing.  The writing was terribly weak.  Jim did great with what he was given, but you could tell he was held back by bad writing.   He really deserved so much better material.  I feel bad because I don't want people judging his ability as a host on their weak writing. :cray:

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But yeah I agree with everyone... There was this kind of...lack of energy in terms of the writing. They could've done so much more and utilized more of Jim's talent. More facial expressions and stuff since he's a master at those lol. I thought they were gonna do some kind of space skit (ie Star Trek). I'm also surprised they didn't do a game show skit because they pretty much never go wrong with those and there's usually one ever episode.

Oh well. It was still fun to watch.

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