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Jim Parsons


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I thought last nights SNL was on par with pretty much all of them. There are skits that work and many that don't. It certainly held my interest. (In comparison, I turned it off during Melissa McCarthy's appearance earlier in the season, during the sketch where they were paying homage to the super bowl. BORING. I had loved her previous experience but that sketch blew and extinguished its own flame! And Timberlake's appearance this year was merely a rehash of successful skits/characters from past appearances- evidence of uninspired writers).


I loved Parsons in the serial killer sketch and was amused by his take on Johnny Weir. The bird bible didn't do it for me, despite my agnostic views. I agree with others that the writers did not take advantage of Parsons unique quirks so he did the best with what he had (as is typical of many SNL skits). Except that murder mystery! That must have been a last minute add-in because his angst filled search for cue cards throughout it was painfully evident. All in all though, a good way to spend a Saturday night, armed with popcorn and a couple of beers!

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I thought the writing was fine, the problem was Jim being nervous and didn't really do a good job! 35d5dzq.jpg

The only time I sensed any nerves from Jim was during the very beginning of his monologue, where he stumbled a bit in trying to say "18 times a week" and his voice being a little forced at first. But he settled into it quickly and did fine with the singing and all that.

I bet that the musical bit was probably well- rehearsed for the timing and all that.

I think Jim did fine in the rest of his sketches and didn't strike me as nervous at all. The only shaky bit was that Murder Mystery skit, and I don't think there was anything to work with in that one. None of the actors in that sketch had much to work with in that one where they didn't really have a point.

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i thought SNL went okay but I wish Jim didn't make it obvious that he was reading from cue line. but overall i loved seeing him on NBC! thats a big step.

Well, it's true for many of the skits and actors. Since they don't get scripts far in advance, and they have so many skits to put together, they don't really have time for much memorization. I think he did pretty good about it through most of the show and only in a couple of spots was he really having to look.

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Most of what I have read online seems to indicate that Jim did the best he could do with what he was given to work with.  Never been a big SNL fan and was worried for him when I heard he was hosting.  But I thought he did a good job considering and as he said himself, SNL is the kind of offer that you don't turn down.  And regardless of how he did, haters are always going to hate.  As Craig Ferguson advised, "Never read the comments"
The LA Times: SNL,” helmed by Jim Parsons (who was a good and game host but didn’t seem quite as relaxed and silly as one might have expected a TV veteran like him to be)

USA Today: Parsons was game, committing to all of his sketches, but ultimately, he couldn't outrun the uneven writing

Huffington Post: and a fairly disjointed show. It’s almost as if this new cast was really starting to gel, then comes a long break and the loss of the most tenured cast member and, boom, it feels like we’re almost starting over again. This Jim Parsons-hosted show had the nervous jitters of a season opener, not a show from March. And Parsons was fine, but it’s almost as if the vibe made him look nervous at times, too.

Zap2It: Jim Parsons seemed game for anything during his first stint hosting "Saturday Night Live" -- too bad he didn't get the material he needed to make his turn memorable, or at least more memorable than being the worst "SNL" episode of the season.


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I think Jim did the best with what he was given. His acting was spot-on, as usual :rolleyes:, but the material he was given was just not all that funny. Totes not his fault. ^_^


Agree....definitely a problem with the material and writing.  Even the regulars on there were acting a bit confused and disconnected with the material so I think there were likely loads of re-writes all week and it seemed people were a bit awkward with wording at times, etc.   It was definitely an issue with the writing. Jim did fine with what was given, he just wasn't given much to work with. :yes:

I wonder which of the photos will end up on the wall of hosts.   Hopefully this one:




Although I love this one too:


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I don't think NBC has had a hit show since Friends, right? I could be wrong. But CBS has all the hit shows right now, as far as comedy goes. As well as Survivor, Letterman, and Craig, which I'm guessing Fallon and Myers won't be able to compete with (just a guess). So I would say CBS is top dog right now. But that is just my opinion. :p

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He is trying to spread his wings.  

We know (hopefully)  three more years of Big Bang.  

Understandably he is desperately try to escape being typecast.  

His roots are in theater.  

We know he is not usually nervous in front of a live audience.

Hosting SNL is a big deal but the writing WAS off.

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I definitely think Fallon can make competition for Letterman, but the problem for Seth Meyers is he is opposite Craig Ferguson and Craig is really well liked and loved.   I almost wish Seth had a different time slot because I like him, but I like Craig too much to switch.  :girlsigh:

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It's funny, as the day goes on the Twitter comments, online articles and reader comments about Jim's performance get kinder.  Almost like people re-watched and had a change of attitude?

I think that is because people are starting to realize it was a writing problem and if Jim seemed nervous it was likely because he was having to use cue cards (which you know he likes to be prepared and use his memory first) and because they had so many last-minute writing changes.  Likewise it was his first time hosting so I am sure that attributed to more nerves.  But honestly the only two places were I may have picked up any nerves at all were in the opening monologue (the start of it, once he started singing he relaxed more), and in the Murder Mystery scene (which we know from notch was added at the last minute).  But I don't even think in the murder mystery he seemed nervous as much as he was trying to read the cue cards fast to not make it obvious he was using them.  Unfortunately it was still obvious he was reading the cards. 


He seemed very easy with the other skits though and did a great job with the lousy material given.   I think more and more are realizing you can only do so much when the writing isn't there.   While I know the Elevator scene was kind of disgusting story in a way, he did a great job in that scene.  He was very funny in it   Same with the Dance Floor Killer and 12 Years skits.  

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It's funny, as the day goes on the Twitter comments, online articles and reader comments about Jim's performance get kinder.  Almost like people re-watched and had a change of attitude?


While I only really went to see Jim, I was reminded at dress rehearsal why I really don't stay up late Saturday nights to watch SNL.  I was so behind that when they did the cast introductions I didn't recognize anybody.


I don't think that cue card reading is unusual on SNL.  Everyone was using cue cards. It may be more that Jim didn't do well acting from cue cards rather than from rote.  Maybe he was wishing for his glasses.........  The murder mystery scene was at dress and was just as uneven at dress rehearsal.  It wasn't that great of a sketch.  The elevator scene in dress had him dressed older with a wig and crappy mustache.  I'm glad that they dropped that costume.


The most entertaining bit was watching the costume ladies grab Jim's hand and run him through the studio to backstage to change.

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That black and white photo of Jim is like Andy Warhol's photo of three Elvises, 1963.  It was also echoed in the movie posters for I Shot Andy Warhol.


I saw SNL way back when it had Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, etc.  You can understand that to me, after season 6, it's mostly schmucks.

I was excited to see Rainn Wilson (The Office) as the host a few years ago, but I hated it.

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