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Okay--I posted too soon! LOL!

So where would he be where he could take that pic? Is there some place that has a view like that? I mean it looks like it's taken from a skybox at a football stadium, looking down on all the fields and people?

I'm just curious because I don't know anything about Wimbledon and how it's set up. I was wondering if there's some special place where he might go or if he'd just mingle in with the regular folks.

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Some of my aircraft fly over Wimbledon (depending on their departure procedure)



You could be like Howard, retasking a satellite to fly over Wimbledon... :p


Or a drone with a camera...!

Lol I think it's funny how people tweet about this thread. Guys, we're so famous ;)

People care about what we say

We made it


This reminds me of my old TXF days at The Haven.  There was no such thing as twitter or facebook or instagram in those dark ages--people barely knew how to use the internet!

But The Haven developed a reputation as being a great place for spoiler information and other news, and then of course, there were people who would go on other message boards and gripe about Haven (especially those who had been banned for violating the rules...)


We're having our 15 minutes of fame...just for loving on Jimmy. ;)

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