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Jim Parsons


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Jim's at wimbledon. In a studio??


CBBC - this channel only seems to work live stream from the UK so if some there could turn it on to see what Jim is up to? Have no idea if he will be watching and commenting on Genie's game from here


Jim's on Breakfast at Wimbledon now at 7 am ET on ESPNtennis


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Awesome Rach. I'm honestly very confused what is happening right now cause 2 channels have now claimed that Jim is in their studio. Can't find any Livestream from neither of them. If someone in America would turn on ESPNtennis right now it would be great.

Pam Shriver@PHShriver 1m
@BigBang_CBS great to meet Jim Parsons in our @ESPNTennis green room @Wimbledon. loved Jim's comparing mind set of actors and athletes

Jim just posted on insta



Update: Ok if I got things right here ESPN borrowed the CBBC:s studio to tape their Breakfast at Wimbledon with Jim. Guy who posted the first photo works for CBBC.


Another Instapost from jim:



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It's on NOW!!!


Her manager called his manager.  They started emailing last summer, invited him to Wimbledon last summer.  He couldn't do it.  Following her and emailing her since last summer.  Ryan and Kaley, tennis player, Kaley plays really good ping pong, Jim is horrible.  They assessed the Ladies bracket.  He's worried about Genie and Serena meeting.  Serena will be tough.  He's totally excited to be at Wimbledon.


I need my manager to call his manager.............

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Awesome notchinc!! Please watch and tell everything he says!!
Still can't find a live stream..



My morning: Bringing Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory to our set with @HannahStormESPN #BigBangTheory #Wimbledon


Mithi@MithiTennis 29s
ahahahahahha RT @vrcsports: "I love Nick Saviano. He talks to her during the entire match." Jim Parsons, spilling secrets LIVE on ESPN.

What secrets??



“She reminds me of Chris Evert. She is a cold-hearted killer” says Jim Parsons of @BigBang_CBS of Genie Bouchard on ESPN #Wimbledon



A chat with @geniebouchard's biggest fan, @BigBang_CBS's #JimParsons, during Breakfast at Wimbledon on ESPN. pic.twitter.com/BuxMWAC9dR



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Can't wait to watch this interview. Some people are tweeting it was great and some saying it was awkward.

Thank you Notchinc!!

Seems like Genie's game was postponed due to the rain

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Not awkward at all.  Just Jim being Jim.  Lots of topics covered.


You're right. He mostly get's positive comments now. 


Gr8 interview! RT @ESPNTennis: A chat with @geniebouchard's biggest fan, #JimParsons, during Breakfast at Wimbledon. pic.twitter.com/xPujsl8H9c




You love Jim Parsons that little bit more when you know Serena's his favourite. The man knows quality #goodtaste


I love Jim Parsons but I don't even think he knew who Petko was let alone who Riske was 


Great interview with Jim Parsons at Wimbledon...love knowing that he's such a fan of @geniebouchard #GenieArmy

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He looks super sweet in that suit. And so handsome!

I can't say how much happiness Jim brings to my life every day only because that he exists :wub:

Can't even think the pleasure some people have to know him or to be his personal friend, or even to meet him in person.

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Oh.. wow, what a mess I just created in this thread, haha! So sorry. Too much happening at the same time

If someone find Jim's interview available to watch online please post as soon as possible :)

Just got a picture with Jim Parsons #tooshytooshy pic.twitter.com/lpug9BsF1x



Pretty sure I can see Jim Parsons sitting alongside Mrs Bouchard @willbouchard & @jennifersaviano pic.twitter.com/KJwHbt7SOJ

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