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For the message on the cup? .. To me it doesn't seem a rude or offensive message. Perhaps some Fans are only a bit jealous and they don't want todd to be inserted in their messages.. an absurd pretension in  my opinion, but the people are strange at times

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No offense to you who helped, but I know when I do a puzzle the last thing I want is someone else giving me the answers.  Sort of spoils the fun of doing the puzzle.  :icon_rolleyes:  Reminds me of Leonard's feelings when getting "spoiled" by Sheldon in Spoiler Alert. 

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He seemed in a big hurry to get out of there based on the end of the video clip we have of him leaving the panel.  He looked like he could not wait to go.   I suspect he isn't big into crowds (neither am I) so he probably wanted to deal with the interviews he was obligated to do and then head back home.

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