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It was working out great for me while Jim was in London, because of the time difference, or when he gets up at the butt-crack of dawn, but when he posts any time after 6:00-6:15ish his time, it makes me late for work.  I have trouble tearing myself away, trying to refresh the IG while I get ready for work, then checking it ONE MORE TIME!!! before I leave.

It's pathetic.


I don't think my boss would find fangirling over JP a legitimate excuse... :p


I hope something fun goes on while I'm at home recovering from my surgery at the end of the month.  It's going to be both good and bad.


I don't think I'll be able to be sitting up at the computer that much, and my parents will be staying with me for 2 weeks.  So that's going to impact my ability to be on the boards daily.

I will have my ipad, which I can have in bed with me, but I'll have to be recharging it all the time if it becomes my only online access.  And I can't chat from my ipad--it's too frustraing.

Plus, if my parents are there, I don't want to ignore them just to have my face in my ipad the whole time.  And I don't know how tired I'll feel, anyway.


There's not a taping on the 26th, right?  After the 19th, I think the next one is on 9/3.  My parents will still be here, and I'll still be recovering, so I don't know if I'll be able to chat after that taping.  Of course, if it's late at night, my parents will probably have gone to bed already and I can probably stick around chat long enough to get the first pass at the details.


Me oh my.

I wish all the best for you!

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I find I really look forward to the morning selfies......It's silly...I know.   I am 47...not 12!   But yea, it is wonderful of them to share! Very grateful for the fun photos!

My mornings are ruff and I end up thinking..."I wonder who's up?"  I check every half hour....I am so sad.


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I was SO SLOW to finally getting to this thread. So I'm sorry this is old news and coming out of left field... But I was on my flight (no wifi!) when Jim commented on our group photo. When I landed I had the hardest time EVER keeping a poker face when I got the text that he commented. If anybody is wondering.... I'm still dying a little. Laying back in my apartment in South Dakota... pinching myself to make sure it wasn't all just a dream!! Jim is SUCH a sweetheart, I love him!

And phanta, the screech you're thinking about? Totally accurate. Only imagine it times 20. Shit was cray. :icon_redface: My fiance has to get about 5 feet away from me or he can't hear me, I lost my voice. *worth it*

Ok how do I get in this group so my life is complete. I'm old

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Johnny weir on instagram dared Jim to the ice bucket challenge for ALS. Id LOVE to see jim do it... in a thin white t-shirt. Wet t-shirt contest!!!



44 seconds ago

Dear @setonoconnor and @johnnygweir This is my bucket. I have received your challenges and I will fill this thing with ice and water this weekend. And @missmayim , you'd better be prepared... Just throwing that out there...

Edited by MTBigBangTheoryFan

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Oh my stars.  He looks great in that pic, and if he posts a wet pic....well...

(since I can't post gifs) this will have to suffice


This made me laugh so hard, I had to leave my room and go downstairs. I nearly woke the whole family.

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Phanta's gonna have a heart attack...

shoot, I hope your surgery has nothing to do with your heart--I meant it figuratively :) (gets foot out of mouth)

I stole Shamyfan's idea and told him to wear a white t-shirt. :p

Frankie, no, my surgery isn't for my heart. (It's ladies surgery...)

Edited by phantagrae

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