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Jim Parsons


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I loved WIWH! My husband and I both laughed and cried when we saw it in the theater. I loved Garden State too and related to it a lot when I was in my 20s, but now that Im in my 30s, out of ZB's two films, WIWH definitely resonates more.

Jim's IG post today and John Ross Bowie's response to it cracked me up! I love how JRB was like "I love you, but... " So cute.

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I wish I could get the normal heart on DVD but I haven't found it anywhere! until I do, it's just going to have to stay saved on my tv. Makes me cry every time but I love it.


I found it at Target, I think it was.  You might have to dig, but it should be out there.

Are you in the States or overseas?  Even so, it should be available since the DVD was released some time ago.

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From BuzzFeed:  http://www.buzzfeed.com/sheridanwatson/celebrities-that-you-find-weirdly-hot


29 Celebrities That You Find Weirdly Hot


#14 is you know who :)


(A list, not a ranking)



oooh I think a lot of the guys on that list are hot.....So yea...I agree!!!   (and secretly because Seth Rogen was on the list and he so reminds me of my husband in looks & personality)

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I think all those guys are hot! My taste in men runs to the awkward though. I never think the traditionally hot men are attractive. I used to be so confused when they referred to Sheldon as ugly in the show, I was like seriously he is in my top five! I am glad I am not the only one who thinks so.

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OMG, Jim Parsons, so my type: tall, lanky, dark-haired, gorgeous blue eyes, those lips, nose, eyebrows, hands, that everything, perfection on every level.  Lots of hot guys on that list.  I laugh when I see Adrien Brody, though, because he looks EXACTLY like my grandfather.  If you compared Adrien's picture to my grandparent's wedding picture they could be twins. 

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I'm not entirely sure why I find him so adorable.  I think he has something of a baby face--or he can have.


That's the thing about Jim, I guess.  He can look kind of hot, when he's being serious and intense, or he can be goofy, or he can be cute in a cuddly kind of way.


I'm fascinated with his teeth, for some reason... :p

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A 80 yr old woman I work with who I love dearly saw my phone sitting on desk today and could not figure out why I had a pic of a man I'm not married to on my phone screen. [emoji41][emoji41][emoji41]0f0765e756db6d743547b946ea5b4acd.jpg

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Yes that's the beauty I see all day!!!!!!!!

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