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i'm downloading a hd version now!  it looks really new and is a long interview with interesting things ^^  will post the 'new' things soon ^^



'will Sheldon and Amy do it this eighth season?'
'it's hard to say, because the writers surprises us every moment and we don't her the scripts until the day before (to rehearsals).[...] I suspect the relationship will keep its satisfactory course, for two main reasons: the first is because they had base this relationship on a contract , for God's sake! so they have to hold hands and kiss every week, which is absurd. The second reason is because, probably, they have the best communication i've ever seen on a couple on a television show, so everything is already built for this to work successfully'
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I read it and it seems 

1. either it's a older article translated to Spanish (in fact I'm fairly positive from first look its the one from May 2014) or

2. They are summarizing the same questions from several articles


1-- They speak of his career on the BBT

2- They ask about Shamy --- standard reply-  The writer's are managing the relationship... but the seeds have been planted...

3. They quote GLSEN

4. They talk about TNH

5. Some of the pictures and captions are new but the article data is dated


I'm pretty certain this is that older article. Maybe someone has the link.

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can i just say this magazine has tons of ads, half the thing is just publicity, Jesus Christ!

anyway if i find something new we haven't read before i'll happy to post it^^



Well, i was expecting more about Big Bang and Shamy, but i was awfully deceived lol  the interview itself seems to be original from this magazine, but yes it makes some sort of resume about Jim's career and things we head from his SAG interview, but still had some interesting tidbits, or at least i never heard him say or read them before... 

'whatever the reason, i found even the smallest element of absurdity you can find in Comedy, makes me feel more free, more comfortable. Different to Drama, where i feel somehow restrained to show more my true self.'

'When i found out who i was, i'd say in the early beginnings of my adult life, the beginnings of my romantic and sexual life; the fear towards HIV became a much bigger issue than the fear i could harbor about being rejected by my family, back then i never told them what i felt, what i was. That's why things were good at home. Because my family was lovely and i didn't want them to have any bad moments, at the time. So i always tried to keep that aspect of my life away from my family circle.'
'Look, my stance and what i feel about sexuality, and religion, and anything that means something private, is that this are things that should be kept exactly that way. Private. i have no idea what's happened to other gay actors and how that has affected them (coming out)' ... 'If i'm a (gay) lider, i'm one of those that keep a low profile. i do want to help some causes to keep moving forward, but i don't do it in a direct way'
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the interview was for Esquire Colombia, and the guy says he has met Jim other two times, and it kinda shows in the way Jim responds that he maybe remembers the interviewer... anyway the questions don't feel disrespectful, but probably the guy did asked some things beyond Jim's comfort zone, but those were his answers... overall was respectful and the article gives Jim the treatment a Hollywood star would have (describing him as 'rich, young, and sympathetic' and an icon for gay youth), but it seems the guy couldn't shake the starstruck of having Sheldon Cooper in front of him- which i find maybe rude, because he has to know Jim's an actor, not Sheldon itself :S... but was a nice reading^^




What is the question? And the interview where is? 


the question to the first paragraph is about Noises Off, and how he felt doing it. the second is regarding The Normal Heart, and the third one is when the interviewer asks him if he feels like a gay leader despite not being an activist. The interview is the link Jamie posted in this page ^^

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So glad he will be on Craig Ferguson! I knew he would be invited back one last time - they have such a great rapport. :)


ETA, I wonder if David Duchovny will be the last. Wasn't he the first?

Yes, I agree, and his interviews with Craig are always nice and long!  :)

Jay Leno is his last guest

Jay Leno as the very last guest seems fitting, as he knows about leaving a long running gig like that.

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Finally bought and watched "Wish I Was Here" last night.  I really enjoyed the movie,  but I will say, seeing Jim as Romeo at the end made my heart flutter. :girlinlove:  More of that, please! :yes:

I would so love to see him in a period piece where he would have to dress in such a costume all the time. And I always want to see him in other roles, especially in some kind of Shakespeare play.

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