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random thought: I find it so incredibly endearing, aaaand a little bit exciting that Jim 'likes' the pics of that new-born, that one of the women he follows posts sometimes :icon_redface: Do I see, in a distant future, Jim with a baby? Yes, I do ^^

Sweet idea, but I think it more likely that Jim likes that said baby belongs to someone else.

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I've considered this myself. May I also add that Jim has been working out lately. I'm sure Jim could lift Mayim with ease.


Also wanted to say that I love how emotional Jim has a tendency to be. There were two separate interviews he did where he became so overwhelmed with emotion about what he was talking about that he got choked up and it was very sweet. once when he was remembering people's reactions to the stage play of the Normal Heart and another time when he recalled his nephews reaction to meeting Seseme Street characters. He's such a sensitive man. It makes my heart flutter and it makes his portrayal of Sheldon all the more remarkable because Sheldon has a fundamental lack of sensitivity.

Yes, I saw that interview on the SAG YouTube Channel where he got choked up talking about the stage version of The Normal Heart.  When he spoke of it being like a funeral service, I got the sense he was thinking of friends he had personally lost to Aids, as he said everyone in that theater knew of someone who had been lost to AIDS.  I was very touched by his emotion in that moment, especially as he had to rub the tears from his eyes from behind his glasses.  Seeing any man moved by emotion like that always moves me and makes me feel the greatest sympathy for them; actually, in his case, it was empathy I was feeling, as I, too, lost a friend to AIDS many, many years ago, and it still hurts.

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In the Shamy thread I was wondering if we could get some screen grab comparisons of Jim's previous body condition (his bare chest in Pancake Batter, etc.) with his current one.


But now, I'm also curious about all the different glasses we've seen him wearing.

I think I mentioned this earlier in this thread in commenting about how many pairs of glasses he has.


I think I need photo posting skills to satisfy my OCD comparision urges...

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So we know from Adam Roberts IG picture from the other day that Jim's friend Melissa is in LA and will be planning Adam and Craig's wedding.  I was wondering if you think she is staying with Jim and Todd.


She has been posting pictures to IG of her adventures over the last few days and one she posted today was from a LA catering company.  Todd must be hanging with her while Jim is at work because Todd commented that he could see his foot in that picture :).  Jim, of course, liked the picture.

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