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Jim Parsons


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I know the thread has moved on a bit, but I have to say that I so loved Jim in the interview with Rihanna.  His 'ya'll gonna need a good healthcare plan', his facial expression when he repeats her 'you can't gain weight', loved that he would take Todd and their dogs to his planet, his scared expression when she says 'WHAT' and his oh so sweet smile and 'yeah' when she says you are so great at acting.  Ahhhh.


Also - I have to confess when Jim puckered up to try and whistle - well I am afraid I puckered up too. :icon_redface: So glad that no one could see me.

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Yeah... I think there's conclusive proof, Jim is the first and only human that's closer to perfection :p (but I may be biased lol) besides, he doesn't need help in selfies, because... eherm


I want to be that pen.  :icon_redface:


He has to know the effect he has on women, wonder how he feels about that.  I think he truly likes the ladies (not that way, obvs), he seems like such a flirt.

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Jim seems like he likes to charm people and he's very good at it. And did matthew perry really say that about parsons? I watched the interview but I dont recall him saying it. Thats very rude.


I don't know if Matthew was singling Jim out, with either the Emmy winner comment or the 20 million people comment or if he was just not thinking about who was there.


I think that Jim was the only winner there, so maybe MP was thinking they were all in the same boat, since Jim is so unassuming.  I don't think Jim is the sort to kind of swagger in or discuss his wins, so it may be that MP just didn't think of him.

Or maybe he did, I dunno.

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